Shehnaaz Gill makes her way out of the house to the main door. An argument ensues between Asim and Paras. Asim argues that even if Shehnaaz is not going, since Salman has asked her leave, they should at least come to the door. Salman appears on TV again. Salman tells the audience that Madhurima and Shehnaaz are safe. He says that Hindustani Bhau aka Vikas Pathak is evicted. Salman appears on TV. Shehnaaz says that she went outside but they did not open the door. Salman laughs. Salman reveals that Bhau has been evicted. 

Salman Khan congratulates Rashami Desai for being elected as friend by the entire house. Salman announces that Sidharth Shukla is safe. Salman also announces that Madhurima Tuli is safe and he was only joking last night. He also reveals that double eviction was also a joke. He says that Shehnaaz Gill is evicted. She starts crying. Salman announces to the audience that Shehnaaz is actually evicted. Salman appears on TV again and scolds Shehnaaz. She asks Salman to not joke since she is suffering from acidity. The door opens. Shehnaaz is hysterical. The door closes again. Salman scolds Shehnaaz again and asks her to stop kidding around. Salman ends the show. Shehnaaz Gill is EVICTED. Or is she? The show is still on. 

Priyank Sharma and Hina Khan return to the Bigg Boss house. They are here to promote their new song. They are also there to play a game with the contestants. The duo enters the house. Hina Khan hugs Rashami Desai and whispers in her ear asking her to not make the same mistake again. Hina and Priyank make contestants play a game called, friend khatra or zero. The contestants are asked to pick who is khatra, friend or zero in the house. Arhaan calls Asim khatra and Rashami a friend. For him zero is Madhurima. Shefali Jariwala picks Vikas Gupta as friend, Asim as khatra and Madhurima as zero. Bhau picks Shefali Jariwala as friend, Shehnaaz Gill as khatra, and Paras as zero. Paras picks Mahira as friend, Shehnaaz as khatra and Asim as Zero. Shefali Bagga picks Shehnaaz as friend, Vikas Gupta as Khatra and zero as Madhurima. Arti Singh picks Rashami as friend, despite their differences. She picks Shefali Bagga as Khatra and Arhaan as zero. Vikas Gupta picks Asim as friend, Paras as Khatra and Madhurima as zero. Mahira picks Paras as friend and khatra, both. Madhurima is picked as zero by her. Vishal picks Arhaan as zero and Shehnaaz as Khatra. He picks Jariwala as friend. Madhurima picks Vikas as friend, Arhaan as zero and Shehnaaz as khatra. Asim calls Rashami as friend. He says no one is khatra for him but as a pity vote gives it to Shehnaaz. He picks Paras as Zero and says he is small minded. Shenaaz picks Vishal as friend, Paras as khatra and Arhaan as zero. Rashami picks Asim as friend, Shehnaaz as khatra and Vishal as zero. 

Shehnaaz sits on the slap chair. She is asked who she thinks has the most fake relationship in the house. She says Rashami and Arhaan. No one but Vishal agrees. She gets slapped. She is asked who should get genuine slaps and she says Vishal since he is so negative. Not many agree. She gets slapped. She is then asked who she thinks knows the game well. She says Paras. Everyone agrees. Vishal is the next one on the chair. He is asked  who fights without a reason. He says Arti, but no one agrees. He gets slapped. He is asked about incompetent member and he says Arhaan. Nobody agrees. He gets slapped. Vishal is asked who butts into others' matters. He says Arti. Nobody agrees. He gets slapped. 

Contestants are blindfolded. Gutthi starts dancing on Katrina Kaif's songs. Shehnaaz Gill thinks it is Katrina Kaif, only to be surprised when she takes off her blindfold.Gutthi tells contestants some news snippets. Gutthi jokes that Shefali has not paid her rent. Gutthi also jokes that Vikas Gupta will keep coming to the show until he wins. Gutthi also talks about Paras' girlfriend. Then they dance together. 

Rashami Desai and Arhaan Khan are still clearing things out between them. And so are Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh. Salman Khan talks to contestants and introduces them to a new task. In this task, contestants will clear misunderstandings of co-contestants and burst a balloon. Vikas Gupta tells Asim Riaz that you also need to have emotions to win the show not just doing the tasks properly. Asim tells Mahira Sharma that she has also broken his heart, just like she accused him. Arhaan tells Bhau that he sleeps a lot. Rashami clarifies that she is not targetting Vishal. Shefali Jariwala clarifies to Vikas Gupta that no one is going to wash the dishes. Arti tells off Vishal that she is not getting content from him.

Vishal tells Rashami that he always speaks honestly. Shehnaaz also says that Bhau sleeps a lot. Paras says that he is jealous Mahira talks to other men. Mahira says that Asim will never prioritize her. 

Bigg Boss 13 host Salman Khan has announced on the previous episode of Weekend Ka Vaar that Madhurima Tuli has been evicted from the show. But she has to stay inside the house until tonight's episode. Salman also announced that this week there will be double eviction. Someone else will be joining Madhurima while leaving the house. We are eagerly waiting to learn the second name. It has been announced that Sidharth Sukla is safe from evictions. That leaves us with Shehnaaz Gill and Hindustani Bhau from nominated contestants. Bhau seems likely to be going out of the house.

On last night's episode of Bigg Boss 13, Sunil Grover returned to the TV as Gutthi after four years. Gutthi flirted and irritated the hell out of Salman Khan. Tonight, she will enter the house to entertain the contestants. Former contestants Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma will also enter the house as guests. Vikas Gupta is already inside the house. It will be fun to see how these three interact given their complex dynamics. Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla to Be Discharged from Hospital, Will Return to BB House on Monday.