Salman Khan enters the house and greets everyone. He also informs them that Bigg Boss is now the no 1 show on television and also gets a cake for them. Salman asks for Shehnaaz, but she refuses to come and says that she wants to leave. Salman is irked and asks Sidharth to come inside while calling Gill's behaviour 'badtameezi'.

After a break, Sidharth goes to talk to Shehnaaz, who shows him attitude and refuses to talk to him. Sidharth asks Shehnaaz to apologise to Salman and come inside, but she refuses to listen to Shukla and takes off her mike. 

The caller of the week is for Asim Riaz and he is asked about how he has become invisible in the house, after his promise to stay away from Sidharth Shukla. Asim tells that its not the case and that this week he did not ignore anybody and that he had a healthy interaction with every contestant. 

Salman Khan welcomes Chhapaak stars Deepika Padukone, Vikrant Massey and Laxmi Agarwal on the stage and engage in some fun banter.

Salman also slams the other housemates for using means of violence in the house repeatedly. Talking about Mahira slapping Paras and Shehnaaz slapping Sidharth, followed by Sidharth pinning Shehnaaz on the ground, Salman Khan shames contestants and says that it is showing themselves in the wrong light. 

Salman Khan questions Vishal and Madhurima's volatile equation in the house and both of them blame each other. Calling their attitude wrong, Salman asks them to once and for all solve their issues. 

Salman asks everyone to not discuss whatever he told Sidharth with Shehnaaz and says that it is his analysis. Telling everyone that Shehnaaz is stubborn and that her attitude is bad for her, Salman tells everyone that its harmful for her. Rashami is seen trying to convince Shehnaaz. 

Paras is seen telling Vishal that he understood about Shehnaaz's possessive streak and that when he told her about Akanksha, Shehnaaz flipped and ran behind Sidharth. 

Salman Khan calls Sidharth and tells him 'you be very careful of this one, she is in love with you and its a bad one," to which Sidharth agrees. Shehnaaz walks in but Salman asks that she be kept away from him right now. Salman warns Shukla that Shehnaaz is in love with him and is very possessive and that she is misunderstanding his care and protection. 

Sidharth, Rashami, Shefali and Arti try to convince Shehnaaz to calm down and yell at her when she says that she got insulted by the housemates in front of Salman Khan. Mahira and Paras are seen talking about Shehnaaz and her 'drama'. Shefali Jariwala joins them in the bitching. Shehnaaz Gill feels her self respect is being targeted and stays adamant on wanting to leave.  

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Tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 13 will see a very different side of Salman Khan where the host will finally lose his patience over Shehnaaz Gill's unruly behaviour. Unruly we say, because Salman Khan's 'jealousy' contest will see Shehnaaz Gill get extremely upset with the entire house and she will also end up behaving rudely with Salman Khan too. Shehnaaz starts throwing tantrums and say that she wants to leave the house, which will not be taken kindly to, by Salman Khan. Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla's Mother, Rashami Desai's Brother, Paras Chhabra's Girlfriend, Asim Riaz's Father, Family Members To Go Inside The House Next Week.

While Sidharth tries to make Shehnaaz understand that she is being unreasonable, the lady will refuse to come inside the house and Salman not caring, will continue the Weekend Ka Vaar and bash the contestants for using and encouraging physical and violent behaviour. Salman will also be seen entering the house and royally ignoring Shehnaaz. Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan Slams Sidharth Shukla For Pinning Shehnaaz Gill To The Ground, Blames Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tuli For Hitting Each Other (Watch Video).