The next episode of Bigg Boss 14 sees Jasmin Bhasin break down after Aly Goni decides to leave the house. Once upon a time arch enemy Rahul Vaidya is seen taking care of Jasmin Bhasin. The next day sees Rubina Dilaik break out her inner Shakti and lash out at Kavita Kaushik and the ladies have an epic showdown. Things only worsen when Kavita threatens Rubina that she will show her who the real boss is outside. Things get more heated when Kavita says she will reveal some personal and embarrassing things about Abhinav. Check out the highlights below: Bigg Boss 14 December 02 Synopsis: Rubina Dilaik and Kavita Kaushik Lock Horns, Latter Threatens The Former Of Revealing Husband Abhinav Shukla's Truth.

Jasmin Bhasin - Aly Goni's Duvidha

Jasmin and Aly, after losing the task, have to decide who will leave the house. The two of them sit and debate amongst themselves as to who deserves to stay in the house. While Jasmin says she is done with the game, Aly says he came in for her and that he did not want to do Bigg Boss in the first place. Everyone is seen talking about how Aly was an amazing guy.

Finale Week Immunity Task

A huge Shark Attack set up is kept in the garden where every round will see 1 person get eliinated from the task and the last remaining contestant will join Eijaz Khan in the finale. Round 1 sees Kavita Kaushik out. Rubina challenges Kavita and offers her seat but the latter refuses.

Rubina - Abhinav In Form

Rubina and Abhinav come out in full form during the task after keeping quite all this while. While they shut Kavita Kaushik up in round 1, Rahul and Rubina get into a war of words before round 2. However, Bigg Boss cancels the task.

Bigg Boss' Lecture

Bigg Boss berates the contestants for their behaviour in the house and shows the contestants clips of how everyone is lethargic and bored. Rubina goes to say that everyone is at fault here which does not sit well with Nikki Tamboli and Kavita Kaushik and the house erupts in chaos.

Kavita Kaushik's Threats Don't Sit Well With Rubina

Kavita accuses Rubina of making the ghar ka mohaul thanda and this does not sit well with Rubina. Kavita tells Rubina that she will show Rubina and Abhinav who the real boss is outside. This irks Rubina who tells Kavita to not push her. Kavita tells her she will tell Rubina her husband's truth, to which Rubina dares her to say whatever she wants.

Kavita Walks Out

Kavita Kaushik ends up walking out of the house after telling Rubina that she will give her a slap. Kavita's decision shocks the housemates. However, Rubina does not keep quiet. When Nikki butts in, Rubina does not take it lying down.

In the next episode of Bigg Boss 14, the shark attack task will continue, where Rubina in full form will start to torture contestants to give up their seat for her. She gets into fights with Taboli and Rahul Vaidya. On the other hand, Jasmin will be seen going all out in her dushmani with Eijaz Khan and the senior actor too will tell her that he will no longer spare her.

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