The director of Commander Karan Saxena, Jatin Wagle, has revealed his aim behind the making of the thriller series: he wants to introduce a new hero similar to James Bond and Jason Bourne. The show stars Gurmeet Choudhary in the titular role. Speaking about the show, Jatin shared: "Commander Karan Saxena is total entertainment. From the first scene onwards, we aim to grab the audience by the scruff of their necks and take them through four weeks of fun, humour, action, drama, romance, and patriotism." ‘Commander Karan Saxena’ Trailer: Gurmeet Choudhary Put His Life at Stake to Save the Nation in Jatin Wagle’s Upcoming Series (Watch Video).

"We want to introduce a new hero on this platform, similar to James Bond and Jason Bourne. We will take the scenes to different parts of India, showcasing various cultures, areas, people, languages, and the problems India faces from outside and within, and how Commander Karan Saxena and his team deal with them," he added. Amit Khan, the writer who created the character of Commander Karan Saxena, on which the series is based, shared: "It felt amazing. He is my brainchild. I have given birth to him. Just as a father feels good when his son becomes more successful than him, I feel the same way." "Karan Saxena's name is much bigger than mine today, and my success lies in that.

For this very day, I made Karan Saxena more prominent than my name on the covers of my novels. The truth is, even the creators of James Bond and Sherlock Holmes are less known, their characters are more famous, and this is the success of all us writers," he added. The show also stars Iqbal Khan and Hruta Durgule in pivotal roles. The gripping series follows a fearless RAW agent as he dives into a high-stakes political mystery to save the nation. Commander Karan Saxena: Gurmeet Choudhary Reveals His ‘Fauji’ Background Helped Him Prepare for RAW Agent Role in His Upcoming Disney+ Hotstar Series.

Directed by Jatin and produced by Keylight Productions, Commander Karan Saxena is based on a character created by writer Amit Khan. The series will be released on July 8 on the Disney+ Hotstar.

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