Ishqbaaz 9th October 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Shivay Kills Tej
Photo Credit: Star Plus/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Ishqbaaz starts with Tej announcing that he is leaving for London as Shivay has arranged. He says that before he leaves he has to have a pooja ta the house for all the troubles that came the family's way. Tej sends everyone away to prepare for the pooja.

Shivay asks Om and Ru to give Tej all that he wants. Shivay later goes to the office. Anika asks him to return. She meets him with a pooja thread and says that she is not feeling good about the day and asks him to remain safe.

Khanna notices Tej paying goons to kill Om and Rudra. He informs Shivay. Shivay returns home an gets into a heated argument with Te. He says that he will go to any extent to get the shares and make Oberoi empire his own.

He takes his phone to ask the goon to hit Om and Rudra with a truck but Shivay snatches the gun from Tej and shoots him. The family returns to find Tej shot and as he dies Tej mouths to the family that Shivay shot him.