Ishqbaaz 8th October 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Tej Threatens to Kill Omkara And Rudra
Shivaay and Anika (Photo Credits: Hotstar)

Today's episode of Ishqbaaz starts with Shivay shouting at Tej when the latter says that he will Om and Rudra to get the shares in their name. Shivay manhandles Tej and also asks him to get out.

The family runs to them, but Shivay says that it is nothing and they just had a disagreement. Tej says that Shivay asked him to leave the house. Shivay and Anika spend some quality time together as Anika senses that Shivay is worried about something.

Later Tej tells Om and Rudra that Shivay is trying to oust them OmRu refuses to believe. Shivay works all night. Tej is ousted from the company, and he gets furious. He vows to get money and also teach Shivay a lesson. Anika and Om wonder what is up with Shivay. Shivay later offers Tej 50crore and asks him to also leave for London.