Ishqbaaz January 9, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Will Shivaansh’s Sister Finally Marry Her Lover?
Will Shivaansh’s Sister Finally Marry Her Lover? (Photo Credit: File Image)

Today's episode of Ishqbaaz starts with SSO (Nakul Mehta) coming in PD’s room and try to change everybody’s mood by telling them not to worry and we should not worry about this small problems and that we should always see ahead and not see back. SSO tells Shivani to sleep so that she will have a beauty sleep as tomorrow is her engagement. SSO tells that tomorrow the Ahuja’s will come home. SSO tells that PN and PD have to dance in tomorrows function. PN tells Kalyani that she should not worry when SSO is there with them. SSO assures them all everything will be normal again. Ishqbaaz January 8, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: SOS Blames Aditi for Ruining His Sister’s Marriage  

Aditi (Majiri Pupala)questions Nana and Gaitondey whether they leaked the news to media. They say that they have not said anything to anyone. Aditi gets a call from that same reporter and he says thank you to her. Aditi asks him them when she has not told him anything then why he took her name. The reporter tells her to see under her desk, Aditi sees a bag and open it. Money is kept in that, the reporter tells it is a gift from him. The reporter tells that if she does not want it she can return it by coming to his office.

Aditi goes to the reporter's office and gives the money back, but the reporter changes his statement and tells Aditi that he has done what she has told, suddenly Anti-corruption bureau person comes and tells Aditi that she is under arrest for giving bribe to the reporter, to publish a false story about SSO. The reporter also says that Aditi has told him and she told him that if he would not agree she will put him behind bars. Aditi tries to make the officer understand that this bag of money is not hers. Aditi thinks she has to talk to commissioner ma’am about this all and that she is the only person who will believe her. Ishqbaaz – Pyaar Ki Ek Dhinchak Kahaani: Manjiri Pupala Is NOT Getting Replaced but There’s a Twist

SSO comes and taunts Aditi and tells her that in 24 hours just wait and watch what will happen to her. The commissioner tries to talk to her seniors about Aditi and that she is innocent and that someone is trying to frame her but the officer is not ready to listen. Aditi comes in and the commissioner hugs her and tells her that she has full faith on her but her seniors are not listening to her and that she cannot do anything now and tells her that she is suspended. Aditi feels very sad but obeys her officer's order and gives her batch and her gun to her and goes from there.

Aditi is broken and thinks how she will tell her chachi and chachaji and how she will tell her sister Mohini about all this. SSO comes from behind and again taunt her and tells her that he can drop her to her place if she wants. Aditi tells SSO that she knows that all this is happening because of him. SSO tells that she should say sorry to him in front of the media. SSO tells that he has proof that she is innocent. Aditi asks what she has to do for that, SSO tells her to meet him in Elverten villa, Juhu and take her proof. Aditi reaches the place where SSO is waiting for him.

SSO tells that she should go in and tells the Ahuja that SSO is innocent and that they should not cancel the engagement with Shivani. Aditi meets Mr.Ahuja and tries to make him understand that Shivani is a nice girl and she has nothing to do with all this and that they should not break the engagement. There everyone is waiting in the venue for SSO and Ahuja family members and Angad. In the precap, SSO tells Aditi that she has hurt his family and for that he won’t spare her. Watch this space for further updates.