MTV Ace Of Space: With Varun Sood Proposing To Divya Agarwal Officially; What Will Happen To His And Chetna Pande's Relationship 'Plans'?
(Picture Credits: Episode Stills)

Even though eliminated contestants of MTV Ace Of Space may say that this house is very different to the Bigg Boss house, we see that the drama in both houses rivals one another's. Yes, we are talking about the love triangle of the house i.e. between Divya Agarwal-Varun Sood and Chetna Pande. We've seen how Divya and Varun's friendship hit a rough patch when Varun and Chetna were paired together. And in the midst of it all, we saw how Varun and Chetna grew close and the pair were also heard deciding how they will 'continue' their chemistry outside the house multiple times. Varun Sood and Chetna Pande Caught Getting Cosy in MTV Ace of Space; Divya Agarwal Jealous?

However, tonight's episode will see things change drastically. During the Reporters task, Varun will have had enough questions pertaining to his changing equation with Divya and will confess that he loves her and has very strong feelings for her. And the handsome hunk will not budge from his statements even after Divya threatens him with dire consequences. And we'll see Varun make a full-blown confession to her.

See the video below:


As much happy as we are for Divya and Varun to have gotten back on track with each other, what about all of Varun's feelings for Chetna and about their 'plans' outside of the MTV Ace of Space house?