Qayamat Ki Raat Written Episode Update, August 19, 2018: Gauri Manages to Escape From Kalasur And Marries Raj
Photo Credit: Star Plus/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Qayamat Ki Raat starts with Gauri(Karishma Tanna) stopping Kalasur by the power of the enchanted object in her hand. The aghori presents himself, and Kalasur realises that he has been deceived.

The aghori asks Gauri to leave and stop the wedding. Gauri starts searching around as the aghori attacks Kalasur. Gauri finds her way by the enchanted object and reaches the library of the house.

She realises that Kalasur has built his cave beneath the house. Gauri hears the marriage has begun and she rushes down. Dharam is trying to reach Gauri as he wants to stop Raj(Vivek Dahiya) from making a mistake.

Gauri finds Dharam and pulls him away. She asks him to distract the marriage and pull everyone's attention elsewhere. Dharam searches around and finds a chance when he sees a waiter with glasses of wine.

Dharam makes the waiter stumble and fall on some drunk guests. The guests end up in a brawl. Everyone rushes to the place as the argument soon elevates to thrashing. Karuna is left in the mandap, and she meets Gauri.

Gauri tells Karuna that she is not going to let her hurt Raj or anyone in the house. Karuna takes Gauri elsewhere, and as Gauri attacks her with the enchanted object, she hits Gauri on the head. Gauri falls unconscious.

The marriage begins, and Dharam is worried that they have not been able to stop the wedding. The marriage culminates, and soon they are shocked when Karuna rushes down the stairs yelling.

Gauri reveals herself as the bride. Raj and the family is shocked. The family questions Gauri. Meenakshi starts badmouthing the character of the two girls. Prithvi asks his brother to make the guests leave for food as he does not want this matter to go out.

Later the family asks Gauri why she did what she did. Karuna says that Gauri pulled her away and locked her in the room to take her place. Gauri then tells the family that she is in love with Raj.

This shocks Raj as much as it does the family. Raj looks at Gauri shocked. Gauri then goes on to say that she spoke about her love to Karuna, but Karuna refused to back out.

Gauri says that she was scared Karuna will attempt another suicide if she told the family. Prithvi understands Gauri and says that he does understand her love, but love needs both parties to agree.

He asks Raj why he agreed to marry Karuna if he was in love with Gauri. Gauri says that it was not Raj's fault and she never could tell him how she felt. Raj is shocked as the family demands to know if he reciprocates Gauri's feelings.

He takes Gauri away to the room. Karuna is left angry, and she follows them up but bumps into an even more furious Kalasur who has managed to kill the aghori and also witness the marriage.

Kalasur asks Karuna to find out what Gauri is up to now. Karuna decreases her size and enters the room. Gauri tells Raj that when she said she loved him, she was not lying, and she does.

Raj does not believe her and says that he cannot carry on with this relationship as he does not understand Gauri at all. Karuna and Kalasur are elated that Raj is going to break the marriage.