When you really want something, the entire world conspires to help you achieve it, goes a saying, which was made famous by Shah Rukh Khan in Om Shaanti Om. But the latest episode of Roadies live auditions proved how true it is. Inching towards the finale, these auditions have seen contestants from varied backgrounds and diverse talents impress our celebrity leaders. This week's highlight was a young aspirant, Avdesh Nagar who dreams to represent India in the International Olympics and expressed how his financial crisis is hindering his path to success. Roadies Revolution Season 17 Live Audition Updates: Contestants Get Super Competitive In the Semi-Finale Week. 

He further narrated that, to overcome this challenge, Avdesh has started a fundraiser that will aid his training and bring him closer to his goals. The judges were super impressed with his never say never attitude and his positive spirit to become a Roadie and an Olympic gold medalist. While Avdesh couldn’t manage to give auditions due to poor network, his passion to overcome the challenges struck a chord with the celebrity leaders. MTV Roadies Revolution Season 17 Online Auditions To Happen Only On Two Days, Here's How and When You Can Be Part of The Reality Show.

During the live auditions, Rannvijay said that he, along with the entire MTV Fam, will contribute to his fund and help Avdesh win Olympic medals for the country.

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Rannvijay said, “I was watching the auditions right now, watching you guys meeting people but somehow iss ladke ko dekhkar, isski story ko dekhkar isske passion ko dekhkar I couldn’t resist. Mujhse raha nahi gaya. I think I want to say I am very proud of him, mein chahta hoon ki innka joh passion hai inki joh journey hai issmein agar humlog innki koi bhi maddat kar sake, whether he is going to be on Roadies or not…lekin abhi iss waqt, I know about his story and he wants to actually jaise ki who bol rahe the Olympics mein jaakar India ko represent karna chahte hai. To be a sportsman of this level aapko chahiye resources, aapko chahiye sahi nutrition, aapko chahiye sahi coaching, aapko chahiye sahi environment to actually train that hard and to get medal for India. The MTV family will help him in raising funds. Eat, drink and sleep well, recoup, run again and get medals for India.” Now that's an honourable contribution.

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