TV Actor Ashiesh Roy Reveals he's On Dialysis, Says 'I Don't Think I Will be Cured'
TV actor Ashiesh Roy (Photo Credits: Instagram)

TV actor Ashiesh Roy recently took to his Facebook account to reveal he's hospitalised and has no money to pay any bills. He requested his followers to help him monetarily and soon many of his close friends rushed in to enquire about his health and help him with finances. And while he continued to fight his battle in an ICU, E Times got in touch with the actor to hear an update on his condition but unfortunately, he had no good news to share. Sasural Simar Ka Fame Ashiesh Roy Admitted to ICU, Actor Requests Fans on Facebook to Provide Financial Help.

"I am stuck here in the hospital since my birthday (May 18). Currently, there is COVID-19 situation all around and I am isolated in a room in the hospital. I am in a terrible condition," Roy said to E Times while also elaborating on his dialysis treatment. "I don't have money. I had Rs 2 lakh which I gave to the hospital because, within two days, the bill that was given to me amounted to that much. Right now, I don't have a single penny. People are coming forward to help me, they are calling up and telling me, let's see what happens. Because of the pandemic, I am kept in a special ward which is costly. My dialysis happens on some other floor and it goes on for 4 hours. There are medicines, injections which are costly," he added.

Speaking about his friends and if they have helped him in any way, Roy said, "Lot of people are calling up but let's see if they are able to help me financially. I had suffered a paralytic stroke last year and even that time I had to be admitted." Revealing how bad his current condition is, he said, "I am currently on dialysis only and I don't think I will be cured. With COVID-19 pandemic, it takes only two seconds to get infected. Within a week you all will get to know if I will be able to survive or not." Sasural Simar Ka Actor Ashiesh Roy in ICU, Hansal Mehta Extends Financial Aid and Urges Industry Associations to Do the Same (View Tweet).

But the actor is certainly looking forward to working in future and wants the COVID-19 scenario to end as quickly as it can. "I just want to get back on my feet and start working. I just pray that the pandemic comes to an end and work resumes. I am itching to get back to work," he said. We do wish him a speedy recovery,