Bhopal's Tailor, a Serial Killer Admits Murdering 33 People, Gets Arrested
Image used for representational purpose only | (Photo Credits: Stux/Pixabay)

Bhopal, September 12: A shocking case has come to the front, where Adesh Khamra who used to stitch clothes at a small shop in Bhopal in the morning turned into a killer at night. According to a Times of India report, the reason why the tailor was on a killing spree is not known. Woman Brutally Murdered by Neighbour Over Dumping Garbage on Terrace in Vadodara.

His first murder was in Amravati, the next in Nashik. Soon other murder cases in UP, Bihar, MP, Maharashtra came up. The point of similarity in all the cases was that the victims were truck drivers and their apprentices. Last week, a daring woman cop caught hold of Khamra, who admitted to killing 33 people. He is thus one of India's deadliest killers.

In another case that happened a few days back, a woman was brutally murdered by her businessman neighbour identified as Montu Chauhan over dumping garbage on the terrace.