We are very excited and glad to announce to our esteemed customers and investors that LSC Token has reached a record all-time high of $28 per LSC Token. This huge rise of LSC token is a direct result of the huge investment from top investors and our partners from China and other parts of the world that saw the potential of LSC Token and what the price will be by the end of this year.

These investors, after an in-depth review of the project behind LSC Token, saw its potentials and how the Token will move up to $5,000 Per LSC Token by the end of this year, decided to pump huge sums into the project and they bought a majority of LSC token in circulation.

Since the past 48 hours, this deal was struck, the price of LSC tokens has skyrocketed and reached an all-time high of $28 per LSC Token. Given the current trend and turn of events, we estimate that this figure could even rise higher to reach another all-time high of $200-$400 by August.

How Much Was Invested?

Top investors from around the world including our partners invested in the potential of LSC Token and the potency of the project backing it. They bought LSC Tokens worth:

  • ·         TKFA ($200 Million)
  • ·         Fin insurance ($500 million)
  • ·         United Arab traders ($500 million)
  • ·         Jowis limited ($200 million)
  • ·         Chinese top traders ($300 million)
  • ·         Abid micro Ltd ($100 million)
  • ·         Swiss traders ($400 million)
  • ·         Lsc Poland family ($500 million)
  • ·         Daiji enterprise ($100 million)
  • ·         Lsc Japan ($250 million)

The LSC Token has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 and a current circulating supply of 143,035,714 LSC and given the total amount invested by our investors which amounted to $3,050,000,000, you could see that LSC Token is perfectly positioned to fly to the moon to reach a value of $5,000 per LSC Token by the end of the year.

We initially developed the LSC token as a utility token for our Livestockchart trading platform; however, the token has gained popularity and by far surpassed our initial price projection for the token and it’s currently breaking records. Due to this huge success, LSC Token has skipped the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) stage and is currently in the final stage of Pre-Sale.


  • ·         Value Per Token: 28USD
  • ·         Circulating Supply of Token: 143,035,714 LSC
  • ·         Total Supply of Token: 1,000,000,000 Units
  • ·         Market Cap: 4,005,000,000.00 USD
  • ·         Total Available Liquidity Value: 1,642,263,989.00USD
  • ·         Total Value Locked (TVL): 1,639,763,989.00USD
  • ·         Token Marketing and Development: 25,500,000.00USD

Livestockchart has not forgotten the promise to our investors and esteemed customers to help you make a profit and get huge returns for all your investment including investing in the fast-rising LSC Token. With that in mind, and given the fact that the Token price is $28, we have moved to private sales only and all our LSC Army can get the LSC Token for Just $28 dollars. This current price won’t remain like this for a long time as we estimate the price to reach up to $200 to $400 by August when we fully launch the Token

This is a huge hint from us to everyone out there, especially our customers, investors, partners, and fans to key into this trend today, so you don’t miss out on what will be the next Boom Token.

To add to the many benefits our investors will enjoy, Livestockchart has also started given out staking bonuses to investors. Investors who are topping their balance will earn 25% of whatever money they are investing. 

About Livestockchart

Livestockchart is one of the top brands and global leaders in online trading, bringing the opportunities of financial markets to global audiences, wherever they are and whatever their financial ambitions. We are a team of experts in leveraged trading and we provide you with the necessary potentials to generate financial returns on both rising and falling prices across FX, indices, commodities, and shares. It does not matter to us if you’re an experienced trader or a complete beginner; our goal is to help you find freedom in the financial markets.

Livestockchart among its many innovations and new technological inventions introduced the LSC token in May 2021, which is currently the governance token for the whole Livestockchart used for different activities within and beyond our platform. The Token since has shown great prospect to reach an all-time high of  $5,000 this year.