Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 6, 2018 Written Update Full Episode: Naira’s Reports Are Positive, But She Is Still Sad!
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Today’s episode of Star Plus' Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starts with Naira (Shivangi Joshi) and Kartik (Mohsin Khan) visiting the doctor for her checkup. Kartik tells her that he's missing her tantrums. The doctor tells Naira to get ready for the tests, Kartik wishes her all the best and stands aside. Both Naira and Kartik are tensed, the doctor starts the tests, after checking the reports he informs them no clots, no growth and tells them everything is fine. Kartik is relieved and so happy that he hugs the doctor. Kartik runs out to call his family members and share the good news with them. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Full Episode December 5, 2018 Written Update: Will Naira Find Out Some Scary Truth About Kartik's Health?

In the Singhania, Mansion Naksh is sleeping when Kirti comes and they too share a good time and discuss their baby.  Kartik sends his Dad Naira’s reports, he is happy to see all the reports are normal, Dadi is also happy she tells Gayu all is fine now, you can go now if you want. In the hospital Naira and Kartik are too happy and hug each other, just then the doctor comes, Kartik offers him sweetly.  Kartik gets a call from Manish, their manager has got a minor heart attack, he is at a nearby hospital, so he has to go but thinks how Naira will go home? But Naira asks him not to worry and tells him that she will get the prescription from the doctor and go home. The doctor jokes that Naira and he will enjoy a cup of tea together and asks Kartik to carry on.  In the doctor's cabin, while they are having coffee, a nurse calls him as he has to attend a patient, so he goes to attend. While Naira is sitting a patient comes with a small baby, Naira helps her by taking the baby, she sees the report of the lady and asks is this report yours, she tells yes, I had a clot. Naira asks whether she was operated, the lady said yes I was operated, before I  delivered the baby, its good I got pregnant soon otherwise like my Bhabhi also had the same problem and she had planned to not have any children as she got a tumour again and is suffering. I am lucky that I planned soon and I am happy now. Naira feels little disturbed and thinks will she be a mother anytime soon.

In the house everyone is busy feeding Kirti as she is pregnant, just then Naira enters and all gather around her and start asking questions and wishing her about the good results of her health. Kirti says I am angry with you because you had so much fun in the family award function without me and tell Naira now you have to plan my baby shower too and make it a success.  Baby's Bua and Mami will arrange everything.  Naira gets Kartik's message as everything is good in the hospital and he is coming back home. Naira is eagerly waiting for him to come so that she can talk to him.  While Naira is waiting for Kartik, Gayu comes and asks her what's bothering her. She tells her that she will help Naira find a solution. She asks Naira to give Kartik some time to decide about the baby. She tells her that Kartik is so understanding that he will agree and asks her not to worry. Kartik comes home with a puppy all are happy specially Luv and Kush, they ask all sort of question from were, how you brought it?  Elders don’t want the puppy at home but Naira tells everyone to please allow us to keep, and Dadi agrees.

In the precap, Kartik says to Naira that your health is more important, even if we didn’t have this talk and you were pregnant, I would have not wanted you to continue it.