Dehradun: Six Dead, 3 Hospitalised After Consuming Illicit Liquor
BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi (Photo Credits: ANI)

Dehradun, September 20: Six people died on Friday after allegedly consuming illicit alcohol in Dehradun. "Six people have died and three others are admitted to the hospital. They are undergoing treatment. We are trying to find out the exact cause of death. Dehradun Horror: Student Beaten to Death by Seniors For Stealing Biscuits, School Buries Dead Body on Campus to 'Cover up' Murder.

As per the initial information we have received, illicit alcohol could be the reason behind deaths," said Shekhar Suyal, Police Commissioner. Bharatiya Janata Party MLA Ganesh Joshi also expressed disappointment over the incident and called for an investigation. "I had earlier requested all the police officials to minimise the selling of liquor in the market. Bihar Shocker: Mother Glues Son's Lips to Stop Him From Crying.

Despite all the efforts, we are receiving this kind of reports. We will investigate the case properly and deeply. We will take action against the people who are selling illicit liquor. "A local Sonu said, "Everybody knows where the selling of these liquor takes place. The police officials are also aware of it, but no action has been taken so far. "Further investigation in the incident is underway.