Aditya Modak is among new successful young entrepreneurs who have chosen to start out in a business related to pets. He is the owner of K9 Kennels, an enterprise that deals with the import and export of dogs via breeders.

While a lot of us love pets, some often end up with a dilemma of how and where to buy them from. Aditya, who is well versed with this business shares the steps involved in trading of pets, he says, “Basically, there are people who do breeding of dogs themselves where they breed different kinds of breeds and then sell the puppies or adults directly to their contacts or they contact the dog traders for the newly born puppies which they sell after 45 days on behalf of the breeder for which they charge certain margins and rest things like delivery, post-sales service, medication requirements are looked after by the trader. Once I get an order I do check availability with my contacts.

He further adds, “I'm having lots of groups on WhatsApp for particular breeds, according to budget, quality then further, I do manage deliveries as I am having many delivery boys who work for me as on order basis”.

Aditya Modak’s love for dogs ever since he was a kid actually turned his dreams into reality by setting up his own venture. Aditya started his career back in 2016 as an owner of a catering business. He holds a hotel management degree from ITM-IHM college.

During the initial days of his career, Aditya was completely into his catering business until he got highly engrossed in the dog trading venture. The business started out of love for dogs has made Aditya one of the prominent names in the breeding and trading business.