Many real estate agents barely make it through their first few years in the industry. Some overestimate income and underestimate expenses, a lethal combination. A great few rely excessively on conventional industry truisms that don’t stand valid in the internet-driven real estate world that has progressed in recent years. Understanding when to follow traditional wisdom and when to implement modern-day tactics is something that the Manhattan-based real estate broker, Ido Berniker, has mastered. This approach has helped him become a successful realtor and entrepreneur from the beginning of his career.

In fact, among many of his feats, the biggest one has been to gain a wide reputation as an elite broker for the sale of 1 Hyde Park penthouse in London, which is the most expensive deal yet. Besides this, Berniker, who’s also the co-founder of Mercer Partners, has been instrumental in closing a massive commercial deal of 1501 Collins Avenue in Miami, aside from his other high profile work. The real estate entrepreneur, an Israeli-native who moved to New York in 2017, has sold iconic properties such as One57, 432 Park Ave, 220 Central Park West, and the Plaza Hotel Residences among many others, and has managed to set his base well in the market. Berniker says he owes his success to one key strategy: specialization.

Over the last decade in this industry, networking with some of the brightest talent has proved beneficial to the realtor. What’s even more interesting is that in such a short span, Berniker has gained both fame and name, and is considered one of the top 10 NYC brokers. Not just that, his experience, expertise, and professionalism has even earned him a deserved reputation as a reliable and a prime broker worldwide. “Through my real estate business, Mercer Partners, I have had the chance to come across some innovative and creative masters of this industry. I try to bring a similar mix to my work. To date, I have closed $2 billion in sales and only hope to grow and expand multi-fold in the times to come. I look forward to offering a service that’s like no other, for people of all generations, professions, and backgrounds at different stages of life,” shared Berniker.

On days when he’s not involved in his real estate work, Berniker can be seen submerged in the fashion and art community, often dedicating time and resources to businesses and people working for philanthropic projects. His interest and enthusiasm for supporting people led him to aid ace designers like Iro Paris and James Perse in getting established in the Middle East.

As someone who handles a large team of brokers, Berniker believes that the employees should be constantly well-trained, motivated, and supported to service the clients’ varying needs. Not just his team, he encourages people always to press forward, think bigger, and be laser-focused to attain goals. “I am of the opinion that if you want to achieve a target, you must put your mind and soul into it. My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is never to be defined by walls – in other words – don’t let anything stop you from seeing where you want to be in the future,” added Berniker.

By bringing in new information to the table, catering to the needs of the clients, and servicing what they cannot do by themselves, the realtor is setting a great example in an otherwise conservative industry functioning on seeded ordains.