'Make Sanskrit Official Language of India', Says NCST Chairman Nand Kumar Sai
NCST Chairman Nand Kumar Sai (Photo Credits: ANI)

New Delhi, June 4: Amid controversy over three-language formula, Chairman of National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST) Nand Kumar Sai on Thursday said that government should make Sanskrit as the official language as it will put end to all controversies related to languages. He said that south Indian states would not object to Sanskrit, unlike Hindi. Don't Impose Hindi on Tamil Nadu: DMK Leader T Siva Warns Modi Government of Protests.

"It's good that you want to learn English. But you should also learn and respect your own language which is Sanskrit. Sanskrit is a complete language, while English lacks logic," Sai said.  #StopHindiImposition Trends on Twitter Against Imposition of Hindi in Non-Hindi States.

"Sanskrit is the oldest language of our country and it has its impact on various languages of our country. So I think Sanskrit can put an end all controversies of languages and it can be made the official language," NCST Chairman said, adding that, he will speak to Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister soon.

The draft National Education Policy (NEP) of three-language formula, which has been modified, had recommended teaching Hindi in all government schools across India. After the draft broke out controversy in Tamil Nadu and protests in several states, the Centre dropped provision of compulsory teaching of Hindi in revised NEP.