Man vs Wild: PM Narendra Modi Braved All Odds, Will Be Seen Like Never Before, Says Bear Grylls
Man Vs Wild With PM Modi (Screengrab/Youtube)

New Delhi, August 10: Bear Grylls, the host of popular show 'Man vs Wild' lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said the Prime Minister is an example of calm and cheerfulness. Grylls added saying that PM Modi is a man who cares deeply about the environment and spent time in the jungle as a younger man. "I was surprised how comfortable he was out there and how calm he was", Grylls said.

In an exclusive interview to ANI, the adventure junkie said the Prime Minister, as a world leader, is calm in a crisis, as he braved all odds, including inclement weather, as they embarked on their journey through Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand. The duo channelLed their adventurous side for the Discovery show, extensively shot in the rainforests of Uttarakhand. They took an off-track journey across the national park.Home to a large number of tigers, the national park is built over an extent of 520 square kilometres and is among the few tiger reserves in India.

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Talking about his experience in India, Grylls said India is a remarkable and beautiful country with so much beauty that you’ve got to protect. "But it comes down always to the individual. Little things like don’t litter,support initiatives that reduce plastic, or protect environment or promote conservation", he said.

On PM Modi being a vegetarian, Grylls said the PM is vegetarian, so there was going to be no eating of grubs or anything. "But in the wild, you can survive very well off berries, roots, plants and certainly, PM spent his younger years in the wild, so he was very comfortable with that", he said.

The host further added saying that this side of PM Modi that has never been seen before. "The team has come back and said this could be the most watched TV show ever in any country in the world, and that is my hope for it", Grylls said.

In his interview, Grylls compared his experience with Former US President Barack Obama and PM Modi, "I've had a huge privilege of taking Pres Obama on a trip to Alaska a few years ago..what was similar(Obama&PM Modi) was that they were there for the same purpose- for driving this message of ‘we have to protect the environment", he added.

The most awaited episode of Man Vs Wild With Bear Grylls and Prime Minister Modi will be aired simultaneously on 12 Discovery channels in India on August 12 and will be showcased in as many as 180 countries.