Mob Attack Transgender Suspecting Her to Be a Child Lifter
Attack | Representational Image | (Photo Credits: Stux/Pixabay)

Jaipur, August 31: An angry mob on Saturday attacked a transgender in Udaipur suspecting her to be a member of a child lifting gang as rumours about such groups being active in various states swamped the social media.

According to police officials, transgender Basanti, a resident of Banswara, had come to Udaipur for some work. She then went to Savina Krishi Mandi when someone spread the rumour that a child had gone missing. An angry crowd then attacked the transgender finding her presence suspicious. Bhondsi Mob Attack: Gurugram Police Registers Cross FIR Against Muslim Family on Complaint by Accused.

Basanti sustained several injuries and was later taken to a hospital by the police. The police also had to use a little force to control the situation. Eleven people have been arrested in this connection, the police said.