PM Narendra Modi's Name Distorted as 'Expletive' By News Agency! Copy Published by Leading News Portals, Report Withdrawn Later
PM Narendra Modi (Photo Credits: PTI)

New Delhi, Sep 13: A leading private news agency on Wednesday made a glaring mistake in one of its copies and added an expletive to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's name. The agency, however, later withdrew the story and said it was erroneously done. Several media houses published the agency copy with the distorted name of PM Modi.

The news was about pro-farmer decisions taken by the Cabinet. In the story titled 'Cabinet approves scheme on remunerative crop prices', a modern-day abusive word was added to Narendra Modi's name. Since many media houses publish an unedited version of copies sent by new agencies, the erroneous copy went live on many news websites. Pradhan Mantri Anndata Aay Sanrakshan Abhiyan (PM-AASHA) Scheme Approved by Cabinet to Protect Farmers’ Income.

Some netizens were quick to spot the blunder. Here's a tweet which pointed out the error:

Hours later, the agency issued an alert asking editors not to publish the copy. "It contains inaccuracies," said the agency while withdrawing the controversial copy. It later published a meticulous version of the story. "IANS deeply regrets the wholly inadvertent incursion of an unparliamentary reference to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in one of its reports yesterday," the agecy told a portal.

"We apologise profoundly to our subscribers, readers and the Hon'ble Prime Minister for the error and assure them of our continued endeavour to produce the objective, accurate and high quality reportage," it added. The agency, however, didn't clarify how the error went unnoticed while publishing. Some resignations and firings are expected following the incident.