#PotholeChallenge2019: BMC to Gift Rs 500 if Pothole Remains Unfixed For 24 Hours After Complaint, Know How to Win Prize Money
Potholes in Mumbai (Photo Credit: IANS)

Mumbai, November 1: In a bid to ensure pothole-free roads across Mumbai, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has thrown a challenge for Mumbaikars. As part of the #PotholeChallenge2019, residents of Mumbai have been asked to inform the BMC about potholes on roads in their areas. if the civic body fails to fix the potholes in 24 hours, the informer will get Rs 500. The #PotholeChallenge2019 will conclude on November 7. RJ Malishka is Going Viral Yet Again With Another Song 'Dekho Chand Aaya' on BMC and Potholes on Mumbai Roads (Watch Video).

Citizens will have to inform about a pothole only through BMC's Fixit app. According to terms and conditions set by the BMC, potholes should be three or more inches deep and at least 1 foot across, on a BMC-controlled road. The prize money for a particular pothole will be given to the person who reported the pothole first. The most important condition is that a person can complain about two potholes. Mumbai Potholes: BMC Has Spent Rs 100 Crore in Filling 24,000 Potholes Since 2013.

The civic body will geotag potholes with the Fixit app to ensure that potholes are not repeatedly reported. If you want to report a pothole, you must download the Fixit app on your smartphone. "We accept the #PotholeChallenge2019 & we nominate YOU to help us win! Click a picture/selfie with a pothole, report on #FixItApp & we promise to fix it within 24 hrs. If not, you pocket Rs. 500!" read a tweet from BMC.

BMC's #PotholeChallenge2019 Tweets:

The civic body launched the Fixit app in September. The application is only available for android users who can download it from Google Play Store. A separate link- mcgm.mybmcpotholefixit.com - is also provided where IOS users can file a complaint. The app invites pictures of potholes and the BMC then tries to fix it.