Puducherry: Beggar Woman Found to Have Rs 2 Lakh in Bank Account, Rs 15,000 Cash in Her Bag
Image used for representational purpose | (Photo Credits: PTI)

Puducherry, November 7: In a bizarre incident, a woman beggar in Puducherry was found to have Rs 2 lakh in her bank account and Rs 15,000 in cash in her bag. The woman, who used to beg from devotees in the temple premises, has been identified as 70-year-old Parvatham. Officials of a temple were shocked to find a beggar having so much money with her. According to reports, the woman is said to have earned the money by seeking alms from devotees visiting the temple.

The incident came to light when the temple authorities were clearing the pavement near the place of worship.  When the authorities asked her to leave the place, she refused to move from the spot. Officials of the temple then informed the police, who later checked her bag and found it contained Rs 15,000 in cash. In Hyderabad If You Spot A Beggar, You Get Rewarded Rs. 500!

The woman also had a bank passbook in her name with around Rs 2 lakh as balance. The Police also found an Aadhaar card in the bag. According to a report by PTI, the woman was shifted to a home for the aged. Meanwhile, her relatives in Kallakurichi in neighbouring Tamil Nadu were informed.

Another similar incident from Maharashtra, a beggar who was run over by a train between Mankhurd and Govandi stations in Mumbai had Rs 8.77 lakh in fixed deposits in banks and had coins worth Rs 1.75 lakh in his shanty.