Snake Found Inside ATM in Coimbatore, Rescued - Watch Video
Snake found inside ATM (Photo Credits: ANI)

Coimbatore, April 24: A snake was found inside an ATM in Tamil Nadu's Coimbatore city on Tuesday. The ATM where the snake was found is located near Thaneerpandal Road. A snake catcher was called who later rescued the small limbless reptile. A video of the snake catcher rescuing snake also surfaced.

In the video, the snake catcher is seen searching inside the ATM. The snake is found behind some machine placed beside Automated Teller Machine which disburses money. No one was hurt in the incident. It was not clear who spotted the snake or how it made inside the ATM. Yesterday, a snake was found inside a polling booth in the Kannur Lok Sabha constituency in Kerala.

Snake found inside ATM in Coimbatore:

A small snake was found inside a VVPAT machine in a booth at Mayyil Kandakkai in the constituency, which is witnessing heavy polling, triggering panic among officials and voters. However, the reptile was soon removed and voting continued.