Uttar Pradesh: Liquor Bottles Distributed by SP MLA Nitin Agrawal at Temple in Hardoi
Liquor Bottles Distributed by SP Leader at Temple in Hardoi (Photo Credits: ANI)

Hardoi, January 8: In a shocking incident, liquor bottles, kept inside food packets, were distributed by a Samajwadi Party MLA at an event in a temple in Uttar Pradesh’s Hardoi on Monday. Reports inform that the incident took place at an event organised by BJP leader Naresh Agarwal's son Nitin -- who is associated with the SP. According to a report by ANI, Nitin had organised a sammelan (conference) for the Pasi community at the Shravan Devi Temple.

In a video that went viral on social media, the BJP leader’s son was seen announcing that the food packets will be handed over to the village headman who would distribute it to the people.

Nitin's father Naresh Agarwal, a former SP stalwart, had joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in March 2018 after being denied a Rajya Sabha ticket. Unaccounted Cash and Liquor Worth Over Rs 11 Crore Seized Ahead of Polls in Chhattisgarh.

During his address at the event, Agarwal said, "All the Pradhan's (village headman) must go to the place where food is being distributed. The pradhan's must take the packet to distribute it to their people”. According to ANI, one of the people who had got the packet said he got a liquor bottle in the food packet at the event. Reports inform that the same packets were also distributed to the minor boys who accompanied their fathers.

Soon after the incident, BJP Member of Parliament from Hardoi Anshul Verma criticised Agarwal for the distribution of liquor. Verma termed it as an unfortunate event and said Agarwal distributed liquor to same small children whom he had given pens and copies. “I will inform the top leadership. I will also write a letter as to how the administration allowed this thing to happen. How did the excise department not take notice of such large-scale distribution of liquor? To rectify its mistake, BJP will have to rethink”, Verma said.