Manmohan Singh Writes to President Against PM Modi's 'Threatening Language'
"No Prime Minister ever has stooped so low. This is unbecoming of his post," Manmohan Singh said | File Image | (Photo Credits: Getty)

New Delhi, May 14: Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wrote to the President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, urging him to caution PM Narendra Modi against "unwarranted, threatening and intimidating" language used by him against the Opposition.

Singh said the statements issued by Modi during the Karnataka campaign trail are intended to "insult the Opposition leaders". "This cannot be the language of a constitutionally governed democratic country of 1.3 billion," he said.

The two-time PM, who has also served as the Finance Minister in Narsimha Rao government, appealed the President to intervene under his constitutional capacity.

The President "enjoys high duty and obligation to advise and guide the Prime Minister and his Cabinet", Singh said.

To validate his charge against the PM, Singh cited a statement issued by Modi during an election rally in Karnataka on May 6. The Prime Minister had said: "...Congress ke neta kaan khol kar sun lijiye, agar seemaao ko paar karoge, toh yeh Modi hai, lene ke dene pad jayenge (Congress leaders should hear this clearly - If you dare to cross the line against Modi, then be ready to face the consequences".

Singh, in his letter, stressed that neither he, nor the Congress would be cowed down by the "threats of the Prime Minister".

Here is the full text of letter written by Manmohan Singh to the President of India:

Singh had also addressed a press conference earlier this month condemning the "kind of language" PM Modi has been using in the course of Karnataka election trail.

"No Prime Minister ever has stooped so low. This is unbecoming of his post. The one who occupies this constitutional post cannot speak blatant lies," he said, further charging the PM of attempting to divide the electorate on communal lines.