US Vlogger Who Was in India For a Special Shoot Shares Ordeal of Harassment, Says Hotels in Delhi Shares Her Number With Stalkers
Harassment (Image used for representational purpose only) (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

New Delhi, September 12: In a shocking incident, an American video blogger who goes by the name Travellight travelled to India for a project. She recently shared her ordeal on social media about being harassed by the hotel staff in Delhi. She was in the country with her boyfriend, who left India, a few days before Taylor was scheduled to leave. On realising that she was alone, the hotel staff started harassing her. Gurugram: US Citizen Files Sexual Harassment Complaint Against Her Office Senior.

In the 18-minute-long video, the woman has claimed that she was held hostage in her room as men constantly lurked outside, repeatedly asking her to open the door. The travel vlogger was locked up in the hotel room, without AC, Water and food.

Watch the video where she narrates the harrowing experience which she had in a Delhi hotel

The hotel where I was trapped in the room was OYO Hotel on Main Bazaar Road, Delhi," she said, adding that another hotel in Delhi,  Hotel Lalit in Connaught Place had given out her room number to men who had been stalking her, and action had been taken against that hotel as well.

OYO rooms, under whose name the hotel functions, and through whose website the woman booked the room, responded to the video which was shared by Reddit India. "Guest safety is our top priority and will take the strictest of action against the partner hotel involved in this incident." Other women also shared a similar ordeal about this hotel.

The vlogger further updated that, within 24 hours of releasing her video, the hotel where this happened was SHUT DOWN by upper management in the chain. It came out that this has happened to other women who stayed there in the past as well. "