With Instagram’s impact on our daily lives reaching unprecedented heights as of late, the influencer industry born out of it, is seeing its own evolution, and growth moving in tandem. This means that influencers, especially those whose follower count is in the six-figure range, have the power to truly affect their audience like never before. Some unique cases, like that of Austrian model Katharina Mazepa, prove that the market is not just about clout and likes. By focusing on promoting valuable causes, she takes her newfound role and turns it into something truly positive and beneficial for the app’s users.

The model who boasts an impressive following of nearly 400K naturally uses her account to display much of her modeling work—from shoots to behind-the-scenes content—but she goes a step further advocating for causes she holds close to her heart. Mazepa has been living a plant-based lifestyle since she was 11 years-old, which she actively shares on her account, as a way to spread awareness and the benefits of such a path. As an avid animal rights activist from childhood, she spent many school breaks collecting signatures for Greenpeace. “Change can only start with ourselves,” she explains for the reasons behind her commitment to the movement, and desire to promote it.

Besides working towards getting a contract with one of her favorite brands, Guess, Mazepa is actively growing her social media following with a goal of 1 million followers. “I want to make an impact and spread messages that I support through my platform,” she notes when elaborating on the reason behind her affinity for Instagram. In the philanthropic space she hopes to partner with more animal rights organizations on campaigns and social initiatives to continue the pursuit of her passion.

With unparalleled beauty and charm to match, Mazepa’s rise to model and influencer stardom seems inevitable.