CAVIAR Social, a Toronto-based marketing company specializing in viral social media growth has announced a YTD combined growth of 10M+ real followers and leads for their clients. This is the first time that CAVIAR Social has shared these numbers publicly.

Using talented growth managers from Toronto, Los Angeles, Miami and Porto, CAVIAR Social helps brands and individuals find new ways to engage with their customers on social media. This focus has led them to attract 10M+ real followers and leads for their clients in just one year, and 200x plus ROAS.

The leading social media marketing agency obtains these results using their proprietary AI-powered solution AdHyperTargeting™. CAVIAR Social's AI workhorse builds bullseye-targeted lookalike audiences by leveraging current leads, thus making more money for the clients at a much lower cost.

They also build extremely viral social giveaways for their clients, which resulted in $90,000+ in lifetime value with just $400 of ad spend in just a single month; a 225x return on ad spend. This strategy allows their clients to gain engagement and followers on all their social medias with a single ad click. Further, they also capture the lead’s information while incentivizing sharing which is what fuels the viral campaign.

Another feature CAVIAR Social provides clients is Instagram DM chatbots, an exclusive feature on Instagram. Their clients no longer have to reply to every single direct message as the chatbot does all the heavy lifting. For example, with COVID, gyms can easily instantly share their booking page, and restaurants can share their menu or take orders right through their DMs. This feature is 100% compliant with Instagram’s ToS, you can test it by direct messaging on Instagram.

Finally, CAVIAR Social is also specialized in getting clients featured on top press websites, magazines and even TV shows such as Ellen. Many of their clients are featured on Forbes, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Vogue, and GQ. Some of their clients are celebrities you have heard of, who take their reputation and PR seriously. Unlike many PR companies, they offer a full guarantee if you are not featured in the press they promise you, rather than “pitching” in hopes you will be featured. Anyone can reach out to them on their official website ( for more information.

CAVIAR.Social is determined to help even more businesses and individuals with growing their business. Some marketing agencies make big promises but generate a negative return. As a boutique agency, with CAVIAR we have seen direct value and leads generated through their proprietary techniques and growth strategies. As the old saying goes, “the numbers don’t lie”.