The New Year is just around the corner, and millions of people are super-excited to make the most of this time and begin afresh. And one avenue that a lot of people hope to do better in has to be dating. Relationships and dating have truly evolved over the years, and as we near New Year 2020, it is the perfect time to take a step back, reflect on our habits and mistakes, and promise to do better in the coming year. With the dating culture around the country continuing to grow, and the popularity of dating apps rising in 2019, it has become much easier and more comfortable for people to speak up about the troubles of dating. Whether you do it with your fixed set of close friends, or on a larger podium, identifying and talking about our dating mistakes is the one thing that most of us have learnt to do. From Roaching To Benching, 6 Dating Problems You Should Be Worried About!

And it is also the one area that can help us in finding not just the right partner, but also ourselves. Sure your partners play an important role in your dating life, however, the only person you can rely on - to do better, and be better is YOU. And as we begin a new year, and struggle to find the new and revamped version of ourselves, it is what we need to focus on. So strap on your seatbelts, and get ready for this ride of revelations to understand what are the dating mistakes that you need to avoid in 2020.

1. DO NOT Ignore the Signals

The first thing that we need to understand is that there are a few traits about people that truly show how they are in life. These are the signals that you often see on the first date. It could be something as simple as them passing a lewd offensive joke or even the way they treat the waiters, cab drivers, or even street vendors. It is these signs that we tend to turn a blind eye to, and they often cost us dearly. So remember - if they show you that they are not nice people, do not ignore it. Because these little indications are quite telling! Dating App Anxiety: Ways to Survive a Conversation and Beat Nervousness While Texting.

2. You Don’t Need to Control Everything

Dating can be hard, especially in the fast-culture where everything and everyone moves too quickly. In these scenarios, it is often easy to lose sight of what is important and getting into the loop of trying to make everything look and feel perfect. But the sad reality is, if you run after perfection too fast, you may often forget to appreciate the beauty and al natural feel that imperfections bring. Whether it is the restaurant you are going to, the dress you just have to wear, or the Insta-worthy pictures that you need to take, remember to let go of the need to control everything.

3. Question Why You Liked a Date

The one thing that is crucial in dating life is reflecting on the date. And there is a simple trick that will help you reflect on your dates instantly. Simply ask yourself this question - Did you enjoy the date because you were there or they were there? This trick, which was shared by a popular social media personality can work wonders. Because in the crux of it all, we know that if we are the ones adding the fun and happiness to date, that element will always be there, it is us. But if the opposite person adds something to the table, then it is worth the wait.

4. Remember to Live in the Moment

How many times have we been overwhelmed by jumping to conclusions, thinking far too much about the future, and of course getting completely carried away from the present? With dating, it is important to sometimes stay in the moment and enjoy it with all your attention! Whatever your troubles may be, talk to your partner if you have reached the stage, and if it is the first or second date then always simply enjoy the moments, the meal and the intriguing conversations!

5. It Is a Conversation, Not an Interrogation!

Talking about conversations, it is important to draw the difference between a conversation and an interview. If small talk or conversations are not really your thing, or if you are entering the dating realm after a break, then take it slow, and remember to make conversation about both of you. Find the balance between talking about your life and merely asking questions about theirs. And always remember - no matter how uninteresting you feel your life maybe, if they are out on a date with you, they definitely still want to know about it!

With all these advice up your sleeve, we sure hope that your dating scenes in 2020 are much brighter. And if it does work out and you get into a relationship, then remember - there is a beauty of having your personal space even in a relationship. Take your ‘me time’, away from your partner and pursue your hobbies. Your romantic novels and movies may not show this, but it is crucial to remember to remain two different individuals in a relationship. So don’t forget to give yourself the time and love you deserve. Happy 2020!

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