This season's Fashion Feature centers around international fashion model Alexis Sheree.  Alexis epitomizes the ideals of casual natural beauty, easy glamour, and jubilant radiance.

As such we could find no better muse to flaunt some looks effortlessly beautiful Autumn 2020 styles, and perhaps, even more importantly share some heartfelt insights on how all women could feel poise, grace, and self-love this autumn.

Question: Alexis, what is your favorite thing about the shift in seasons?

Alexis: Well I'm from Colorado so I love the changing of the leaves. I love when the weather gets more brisk and I can start layering cozier things. It's easier to look fashionable with layers because you can throw on a cool jacket and there's less pressure and more pleasure in styling a whole outfit. 

Question: What type of outfits do you believe are the most natural extensions of your personality?

Alexis: I love comfort but I also love being trendy and edgy. So it's nice if I can always find a way to combine and Fall gives you a better opportunity. So you're not sweating in your leather leggings in the middle of summer. 

Question: What is one place you always imagined yourself living and working as a natural environment for how you feel?

Alexis: I love London not only for work, but for the elegance and edge that the city inspires in various parts. It's a place i can live out all sides of my fashion persona. 

Question: What advice would you share to young women who seek the same asthetic beauty you so easily exude, but have a much more difficult time feeling that way about theirselves?

Alexis: My biggest thing is always be yourself. Wear what you want to wear. Whether bold patterns or leather, wear what makes you happy. There's no one should decide what makes you feel good about yourself. 

Question: How do you give back and seek to inspire those who look up to you?

Alexis: I just try to be kind, to be as nice and helpful as I can. Even if they direct message me on Instagram, I always try to respond, give them the best advice I can and put myself in their shoes. I had to figure this industry out by myself so I understand the pressures. If I can be helpful to anyone in any way t to make it easier, I'd love that. 

Question: Outside (or even within the modeling industry), what change or impact do seek to bring to the world?

Alexis: Given my range of experiences- 5 years being in the industry working across thousands of sets- there is in fact a systemic degree of ignorance in terms of being able to accomodate all ethnic types whether that be skin or hair. I feel that the paradigms of beauty are still very confined and retrogressive. 

If you take a look at how society is evolving across nearly every industry- from the NFL kneel downs incited by Colin Kapernick, to Kamala Harris becoming the first African American woman on the Presidential running ticket, etc, etc- it's baffling that fashion (which is supposed to be always avante garde, setting the futurist standards) is so behind the ball hanging onto traditional paradigms. 

So it would be great to see the industry take further steps forward and more initiative on expanding beauty paradigms and teaching upcoming designers, stylists. and even models on how to express themselves in myriad diverse forms. 

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