Angelina Jolie Strips Down, Flaunts Tattoos for New Mon Guerlain Campaign Commercial
Angelina Jolie for Guerlain (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Angelina Jolie’s new Mon Guerlain perfume ad is a surprise to fans. The Oscar-winning actress looks sexy as ever as she ditches her clothes and wraps herself in nothing but silk sheets. Jolie looks mysterious and flirty throughout the campaign ad. The actress is naked in the 45-second ad and has all her tattoos on show. She’s seen in a cute silk dress later in the ad. The clip with Wild Thing by The Troggs playing in the background makes us fall in love with the beauty all over again. From Hollywood's Favourite Femme Fatale To Donning The Director's Hat, Here's Why Birthday Girl Angelina Jolie Is A Masked Superwoman!

Angelina Jolie shows off her tattoos in the perfume ad for Guerlain. She has 16 tattoos in total. The video opens with a clear shot of her back tattoos. Jolie’s upper back is almost full of tattoos. The biggest tattoo on her back is Yant ViHan Pha Chad Sada. she got this tattoo with ex, Brad Pitt. He got a tattoo of a Buddhist symbol on his back while Jolie got Yant ViHan Pha Chad Sada. The tattoos were a symbol to bind them as husband and wife. The duo unfortunately split in a few months after the inking. Angelina Jolie Dating Internet's Favourite, Keanu Reeves? Here's What his Representative Has to Say.

Angelina Jolie for Mon Guerlain

Her dragon tattoo is one of the most stunning tattoos she has. Angelina Jolie got this tattoo in 2004 in Thailand. She looks breathtaking in every frame of the video. Her jawline is legit goals throughout the video and we can’t stop hitting replay. Her eyes are captivating and make it difficult to look away.