Elli AvrRam Shows Us How to Wear a Dungaree as a Skirt, but It’s the Bare-Breasted Background Picture That’s Got Instagrammers’ Attention!
Elli AvrRam (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The amount of fashion and travel goals Swedish-Greek beauty Elli AvrRam offers with her Instagram account is mind-blogging. If you follow the 24-year-old, you know what we are talking about. From formal gowns to casual outfits, Elli is a millennial fashion icon. Take for example, her last post, it looks like Elli is wearing a denim mini-skirt with a knot-up tank top. But if you pay a close attention to her dress, you realise it’s a dungaree that Elli has worn it as a skirt. However, while fashion lovers were caught up admiring former Bigg Boss contestant’s OOTD, Instagrammers could not get their eyes off the bare-breasted background picture in the post!

Elli shared a post writing, “In the World of madness there’s Art to be found🦋”. The Bollywood actress is looking superhot in her casual travelling outfit, a pair of dungaree that she has left it open to fall in the front and give an illusion of a skirt. She wore a sexy knotted up brown ganji. With matching sneakers, a pair of sunnies and a handbag, Elli looks all set to explore her day out.

But it’s the picture in front of which Elli posed is raising too many eyebrows. It is a colourful graffiti of a bare-breasted woman. While one of the bosom gets camouflaged with the colours and designs, the other one is in full display. Well, the relationship between bosoms and Instagram is like chalk and cheese. We either see the Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform to pull them down and if that does not happen, the netizens begin the nasty act of posting sleazy comments. The latter is happening on Elli’s post.

In the World of madness there’s Art to be found🦋

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One user writes, “What is they painted in the wall i think you don't know that😱😱😱” Another person suggests Elli to replicate the painting. He writes, “Jo peeche bana h vo aap bh kabhi kahin dikhao🤣🤣” Well, the comments get worse. But it seems Elli is unfazed by all the negativities on the platform and looks forward to keep on sharing interesting snaps.