It is Christmas Card Day 2020! Every year December 9 is celebrated as Christmas Card Day to pay tribute to the creation of greeting card. Greeting cards are a beautiful way to express your love to your favourite people. For some people purchasing Christmas cards is great fun and they also personalise it with sweet messages inside. Christmas Card Day honours its inventor on the 9th of December. It is said that first-ever commercial Christmas card showed a family raising a toast, and in the following year’s designs showing flowers or depicting the promise of spring was favoured. While that is the history of Christmas Card Day, you can easily make DIY Christmas cards at home. Christmas 2020 Decoration Items' List & Decor Ideas: From Santa Claus Dolls to Curtain Lights, 5 Ways to Deck Up Your Homes for the Festive Season. 

Three Quick & Easy Ways To Make Christmas Greeting Cards

All you need to make these greeting cards are chart papers, glitter glue, some cheap small decors like small bells, font stickers & beads. Watch Video:

Santa Clause Greeting Card

Christmas is all about Santa Claus and many people search for easy DIY ways to make Santa cards, Santa Claus greeting cards, Santa suit card & how to make Santa greeting cards or Christmas cards. Watch video:

3D Xmas Tree Cards

You know those cards that you open and a 3D Christmas trees pop up? Well, turns out, you can easily make it at home. Here's how you can make 3D Xmas tree cards at home. Watch video:

We wish you a very happy Christmas Card Day 2020 and a very happy Christmas in advance. However, this year the celebrations re shadowed by COVID-19 pandemic so you must follow all the precautionary measures while celebrating.

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