Dhanteras 2018 Muhurat to Purchase Gold: Auspicious Schedule & Best Time to Buy Jewellery, Silver Coins & Utensils on Diwali
Dhanteras 2018 auspicious time to buy gold. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Dhanteras is derived from words 'Dhan' meaning wealth in Sanskrit and 'teras' meaning 13th day. In 2018, the propitious occasion of Dhanteras is being celebrated on November 5 i.e. today. In the form of wealth Hindu devotees believe that if you purchase gold and silver jewellery or utensils on this day it is equivalent of inviting Goddess Lakshmi at home. It will bring good luck and prosperity in the lives of the people. Like every auspicious festival is celebrated on a specific timing or shubh muhurat, people believe in purchasing the gold at a particular time on Diwali and on Dhanteras. Below we tell you what the auspicious time is to buy gold on the day of Dhanteras and on main Diwali. Dhanteras 2018 Date, Muhurat & Significance: Puja Vidhi, Auspicious Timings & Importance of Buying Gold and Utensils on Dhantrayodashi.

Nakshatra Pushya is considered the birth star of Goddess Lakshmi and hence is believed to be the most auspicious Nakshatra to bring Laxmi home. Pushya Nakshatra day and Dhanteras are the two most propitious days when gold is purchased during festival of Diwali. Apart from gold jewellery, people also buy silver coins, kalash, bowls, spoons and idols of Ganesha and Lakshmi made of silver. Find the auspicious time to purchase gold and silver on November 4, one day before Dhanteras and on November 5 i.e. the day of Dhanteras. Diwali 2018: Things Other Than Gold You Can Buy on Dhanteras; Here’s a List.

Auspicious Timings to Buy Gold on Diwali/Dhanteras

Dhantrayodashi Muhurat to Buy Gold on November 4, 2018

Night Muhurat – 01:58 am to 03:33 am

Early Morning Muhurat – 05:09 am to 06:44 am

Dhantrayodashi Muhurat to Buy Gold on November 5, 2018

Morning Muhurat (Amrit) – 06:44 am to 08:09 am

Morning Muhurat (Shubh) – 09:33 am to 10:57 am

Evening Muhurat (Char) – 01:46 pm to 07:35 pm

Night Muhurat (Labh) – 10:47 pm to 11:46 pm

People also buy silver coins specially moulded for Diwali with Goddess Laxmi embossed on the front and her symbol ‘Shri’ embossed on the other side of the coin. From the day of Dhanteras till Diwali, jewellery stores make special arrangements in their stores as there are tons of people who buy gold on this auspicious day. There are massive Diwali sales held on e-commerce sites as well as in jewellery stores. We wish you a Happy Dhanteras and a prosperous Diwali 2018!