The most romantic time of the year is here, and couples worldwide are indulged in love and intimacy. Valentine’s Day 2021 is celebrated on February 14, which is today, and there are unique ways that people are looking forward to observing the day with their significant others. While some of you may have planned your romantic date or a cosy V-Day night at home, here we bring you another way to express your love uniquely and make the day memorable. Have you ever wanted to say ‘I love you,’ in French? Or Spanish? Or Korean? Love has no language they say, but it is important that you profess your love through the language you prefer when it comes to expressing your feeling. From Spanish to German, if you are wondering how to say ‘I love you,’ in different languages, you have arrived at the right place. Here are ten different languages to express your love uniquely and impress your boo!

Valentine’s Day 2021 is important to love-birds around the world. Especially this year as we all are going through difficult times while dealing with a pandemic. Our partners have been our constant support. Naturally, V-Day 2021 calls for a special celebration. Love is universal, and it transcends all cultural, socioeconomic and language barriers. But this year, make it even more memorably by uttering those three beautiful words in the language you prefer. To help you express your romantic side across the globe, we have gathered up how to say ‘I love you,’ in ten different languages.

1. French — Je t’aime

2. Spanish — Te quiero

3. German — Ich liebe dich

4. Japanese— Watashi wa (愛してる), anata o aishiteimasu (あなたが大好きです)

5. Croatian — Volim te

6. Korean— Salanghae (사랑해)

7. Italian — Ti amo

8. Portuguese — Eu amo Você

9. Swedish — Jag älskar dig

10. Romanian — Te iubesc

Now that you know these many languages of expressing love, go ahead and express your love to your significant other. Let her/him/ them know how madly in love you are. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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