International Day of The Girl Child 2018: Origin, Theme and Importance of The Day Dedicated to Girls Across The Globe
International Day of The Girl Child- (File Photo)

While the existing Gender bias and offences against the females don't seem to stop, there is still a lot being done to help generate awareness against the violation of women's rights, needs and challenges faced by girls and promotion of girls' empowerment. One such campaign is The International Day of The Girl Child that is observed, every year on the 11th of October. This day dedicated to all the girls in the world, holds a lot of importance, across the globe. International Day of the Girl Child 2018: Inspiring Quotes That Make You Feel Proud to Be a Girl. 

Origin and importance of International Day of the Girl Child

The day to generate awareness regarding various issues faced by the girls across the world, for example, no access to education, Gender bias, early marriage, subject to acts of sexual violence, etc, International Day of the girl child is celebrated. It began in the year 2012 as a project of Plan International which is a non-governmental organization that operates worldwide. The idea grew out of Plan International's Because I Am a Girl campaign that helps raise awareness of the importance of nurturing girls globally. Plan International finally urged the United Nations to become involved and since then the campaign has become more and more successful.

What is the theme of 'International Day of the girl child?'

As stated by the United Nations, this years theme for the International Day of the girl child is With Her: A Skilled GirlForce. United Nation explains the theme by saying that even though a great demand for educated and skilled workers exists in the world, there are still about a quarter of young people, mostly females that are currently unemployed, not even undereducation or training. United Nation says, 'Under the theme, With Her: A Skilled GirlForce, International Day of the Girl will mark the beginning of a year-long effort to bring together partners and stakeholders to advocate for, and draw attention and investments to, the most pressing needs and opportunities for girls to attain skills for employability.

International Day of the girl child is a great campaign to help spread awareness about issues faced by the girls, especially in the developing nations. Let us know your views in the comments section below.