July 2021 Festivals and Events Calendar: Another month, and here’s another list of festivals and international days that will be celebrated grandly in the upcoming month, i.e., July 2021. Be it CA Day, US Independence Day, World Chocolate Day, or World Emoji Day, people around the globe are excited to observe the list of national and international festive events celebrated in their country. Netizens search “International Holidays in July 2021”, “Indian Festivals in July 2021”, “Festive Events in July 2021”, “National Holidays in July 2021”, etc. a lot as the new month approaches. The seventh month of the year is not as eventful as June or August, but it surely has its substantial share of religious holidays and festivals worldwide. With the newer variant of COVID-19 still being a thorn in the flesh, it will be intriguing to see how the celebrations occur this July. If you are searching for the latest and most detailed list of festivals, religious days, national and international days of July 2021, look no further as we have covered them all here.

In the first week of July 2021, people will be observing important events like National Doctor’s Day, National Chartered Accountants' Day or CA Day, and GST Day, among other festive occasions. The highlight of the first week would be United States (US) Independence Day, which is observed on July 4.

The 2nd week of July 2021 is eventful, too, as it will see the observances of Global Forgiveness Day and Malala Day, amongst others. The main festival to take place in July 2021 would be the grand Rath Yatra that takes place in Puri, which will take place on July 12.

There are global events such as International Nelson Mandela Day, World Day for International Justice, International Chess Day, etc., which will be observed. The top highlight would be the celebrations of Eid al- Adha or Bakri-Eid in the third week, which will take place on either on July 21 or 22.

The last week of July 2021 will see people excited about Guru Purnima, Kargil Vijay Diwas, International Tiger Day, International Friendship, with the highlight being Guru Purnima, which will take place on July 24.

There are many interesting and traditional national and international days lined up in July 2021. People are excited to celebrate their respective festive events, even amidst the clouds of COVID-19, that continue to hamper each festival that comes along. At LatestLY, we bring you the full calendar of religious festivals, international days and other festive occasions, which you will love to celebrate with your friends, family, relatives, etc.

July 2021 Festival Calendar: List of all Indian festivals, National and International Days

Sr No Festivals Date Day
1 Kala Ashtami July 1st Thursday
2 National Doctor's Day July 1st Thursday
3 International Joke Day July 1st Thursday
4 National Postal Worker Day July 1st Thursday
5 Canada Day July 1st Thursday
6 Chartered Accountant (CA) Day July 1st Thursday
7 National US Postage Stamp Day July 1st Thursday
8 National Gingersnap Day July 1st Thursday
9 GST Day July 1st Thursday
10 World Sports Journalist Day July 2nd Friday
11 World UFO Day July 2nd Friday
12 International Day of Cooperatives July 3rd Saturday
13 Independence Day July 4th Sunday
14 National Bikini Day July 5th Monday
15 International Kissing Day July 6th Tuesday
16 World Chocolate Day July 7th Wednesday
17 Global Forgiveness Day July 7th Wednesday
18 World Population Day July 11th Sunday
19 Rath Yatra July 12th Monday
20 National Simplicity Day July 12th Monday
21 Malala Day July 12th Monday
22 Paper Bag Day July 12th Monday
23 Vinayak Chaturthi July 13th Tuesday
24 World Youth Skills Day July 15th Thursday
25 World Snake Day July 16th Friday
26 World Day for International Justice July 17th Saturday
27 World Emoji Day July 17th Saturday
28 International Nelson Mandela Day July 18th Sunday
29 Devshayani Ekadashi July 20th Tuesday
30 International Chess Day July 20th Tuesday
31 World Jump Day July 20th Tuesday
32 Bakri Eid July 21st Wednesday
33 Pi Approximation Day July 22nd Thursday
34 National Mango Day July 22nd Thursday
35 Guru Purnima July 24th Saturday
36 World Drowning Prevention Day July 25th Sunday
37 National Parent's Day July 25th Fourth Sunday of July
38 Kargil Vijay Diwas July 26th Monday
39 Sankasthi Chaturthi Adjective July 27th Tuesday
40 World Nature Conversation Day July 28th Wednesday
41 World Hepatitis Day July 28th Wednesday
42 International Tiger Day July 29th Thursday
43 International Friendship Day July 30th Friday
44 World Day against Trafficking in Persons July 30th Friday
45 World Ranger Day July 31st Saturday

There are more than 40 national and international festive events that are set to take place in July. Despite the Covid-19 threat, the celebrations and festivities might happen in a grandeur manner. Nonetheless, do not forget to share this list of all festivals, international and national days that will be celebrated in July 2021. Have a safe and happy July, this year!

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