Honey bees - they are the most important creatures on the planet that are crucial for maintaining the balance on Earth. Scientists and environmental activists have all been highlighting the need to encourage Beekeeping, safeguarding these crucial creatures and other key issues. National Honey Bee Day is an opportunity for beekeepers, beekeeping clubs and associations, and honey bee enthusiasts from across the United States to do just that every year. National Honey Bee Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in August every year, and National Honey Bee Day 2020 will be celebrated on August 15. The commemoration is extremely important in beginning conversations on what is killing the honey bees, how can we save bees, and why it is important.  National Honey Bee Day 2020 Date And Significance: Know The History And Celebrations of the Day That Creates Awareness on Protecting Bees.

The Idea of National Honey Bee Day 

National Honey Bee Day was started with a simple concept of bringing together beekeepers, bee associations, activists and members of the bee-keeping societies so they can work together to safeguard the bees and help in their survival and nourishment. The need to preserve and stimulate the growth of bees is crucial for our survival. However, many of us continue to make choices that may hamper this or continue to believe in various myths around bees that make it difficult for them to survive.

What is killing the honey bee? 

Honey bees are the insects that are responsible for more than one-third of the food that we eat. They help pollinate plants that are crucial for everything from almonds to apples and squashes and various other food items that we are dependent on. However, billions of bees are killed every year due to an array of reasons. While the increased deforestation and industrialisation are playing a key role, there are other issues that also need to be discussed on this subject. For starters, the pesticides and insecticides that most of us use on our plants to repel insects, often poison bees as well, thereby abetting in their death. Similarly, the increased demand for particular crops and the role of bees in the production of these crops, like almonds, has resulted in interstate transfers of bees in cramped conditions, which often hurts and kills many bees. Why Bees Are Important For the Survival of the Human Race.

What can we do to save the bees?

Now that we know that the reason behind the death of bees is not just concentrated in big industries and corporates, it is also evident that we can take small steps to do our bit to conserve bees. From starting small bee gardens in your garden or patio area to making conscious choices on the food that you eat and the products you use can be crucial. Switching from beeswax and beeswax products to plant-based wax in your beauty products, honey substitutes in your diet can all help us ensure that bees continue to remain safe.

In addition to this, you can educate yourself on simple subjects like what is the right way of reacting to seeing a bee. While most of us are terrified of bees and bee sting, the fact remains that when a bee stings you, it goes on to die. And the reason behind the sting is often our surprised, sudden or extreme reaction. The right way of moving around a bee is merely staying as calm and composed as possible, so as to not threaten it. And if a bee is on you, try gently blowing off the bee, to guide it back towards the air. This will ensure that the bee is not startled and does not sting you. Here’s hoping that these simple facts help you to do your bit in celebrating the National Honey Bee Day by staying informed. Happy National Honey Bee Day 2020!

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