Nowruz Mubarak 2018! Esha Deol, Simple Kaul, Sanjeev Kapoor Join Twitterati in Wishing Parsi New Year
Parsi New Year (Photo Credits: Kolkata Knight Riders Twitter)

Members of the Parsi community celebrates Parsi New Year also known as Nowruz today. The day is celebrated with great pomp and fervour and witnesses various celebrations within the community. On Pateti, the day before Nowruz, believers repent for their sins and ask forgiveness for their wrongdoings. They clean their houses, cook delicacies, visit Fire temples, meet loved ones and greet them at the festival. Meanwhile, Twitterati is wishing everyone 'Happy New Year' and sending best greetings on social media. Parsi New Year 2018: Date, History, Significance and Celebrations of Pateti & Nowruz.

Author Amish Tripathi, actors Esha Deol, Simple Kaul and many others took to Twitter wishing people Navroze Mubarak. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Ranveer Brar also took to social media complimenting delicious dishes cooked by members of the Parsi community during the festival.

Check out the tweets here:

Zoroastrians across the world celebrated their New Year on March 21 this year, while Nowruz will be celebrated today in India.

The change in dates is due to the  Shahenshahi calendar followed by believers here. while the Iranian calendar is followed across the world due to which the Persian New Year falls on the spring equinox. Parsi New Year 2018: Food Recipes & Traditional Dishes to Celebrate Nowruz.

As the calendar does not take into account leap years Nowruz is celebrated here about 200 years after it is observed in other countries.

The festival is named after the Persian king Jamshed who began the use of the Parsi calendar due to which it is also known as Jamshed-i-Nouroz.

In India, Parsis are majorly those who migrated from Iran after they were invaded by Mughals. Nowruz is majorly celebrated in Balkans, Middle East, Western and Central Asia. In countries like Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Iraq, the day is a public holiday. In India, the day is marked with public holidays in Maharashtra and Gujarat as the majority of Parsis in the country live in these states. In the Iranian calendar, the first month is called Farvardin and Nowruz marks the first day of Farvardin.