Holy Week 2023 begins on April 2 and will go on till April 8, leading up to the celebration of Easter 2023 on April 9. This annual observance is considered to be the most auspicious time for Christians across the world. Beginning with Palm Sunday 2023 on April 2, seven different observances occur each day of the Holy Week commemoration. However, not every day of this week is a celebration. This is why people often question which Holy Week greetings are suitable for different occasions. Holy Week is a mix of happy and significant events from stories of the Bible and sombre and mourning days like Good Friday. And here’s what you need to know about When to wish Happy Holy Week 2023, How to send Holy Week Greetings for different days and more.

Palm Sunday 2023 - April 2

The first day of Holy Week commemoration - Palm Sunday marks the day of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, where villagers welcomed the almighty with fresh Palm leaves. This is the reason that there is some amount of joy associated with the Palm Sunday celebration, and people, therefore, share Happy Palm Sunday 2023 Wishes and messages.

Holy Monday, Holy Tuesday And Spy Wednesday - April 3,4 & 5

The days that follow Palm Sunday and lead towards Maundy Thursday are mainly associated with the term Holy. Holy Monday and Holy Tuesday each have notable events in the Bible. Holy Monday is believed to be the day that Christ cursed the fig tree, cleansed the temple and responded to the question of his authority. This is followed by Holy Tuesday observance - where many believe Jesus Christ predicted his own death. Holy Wednesday - also known as Spy Wednesday - is the day that Judas arranged for his betrayal of Judas (giving it the name Spy Wednesday). Greetings sent on these days are focused on reiterating the stories and remembering Jesus Christ.

Maundy Thursday 2023 - April 6

Maundy Thursday is an observance that commemorates The Last Supper - which is known as the final meal that Jesus Christ and his disciples shared according to the Gospel Accounts. This is considered to be a moment of grief, and people, therefore, do not share any “Happy” wishes on this day. Maundy Thursday 2023 messages are mainly focused on remembering Christ and his might.

Good Friday and Holy Saturday - April 7 and 8

The last two days of Holy Week 2023 are days of complete mourning for people who follow Christianity. While Good Friday 2023 will be observed on April 7 and marks the date of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Holy Saturday is believed to be the day when Jesus’ body lay on the tomb, and the Harrowing of Hell occurred. Any Happy connotations should never be applied to Good Friday greetings or Holy Saturday messages.

Easter Sunday - April 9

Easter is celebrated at the end of the Holy Week and is believed to be a joyous occasion for all. Easter marks the day that Jesus Christ was resurrected and is celebrated as a day that reminds people of hope, love and happiness. Happy Easter 2023 messages and wishes are therefore bound to be shared with one and all on this day.

We hope that this helps you to observe Holy Week 2023 in the proper way and share your Holy Week greetings with those who celebrate.

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