Happy World Art Day 2020: Who doesn’t love arts? Well, we all do. There are different types of artists and art forms that are present across the globe. The observance of World Art Day is an international event which aims to celebrate the fine arts that exist in many forms and spheres annually. If you are an artist or an individual who loves creativity, fun, and creation of a variety of artworks, then the World Art Day is for you. The day is to promote awareness of creative activity worldwide. If you are searching for information on World Art Day 2020, its date, theme, history and significance and much more, then you have come to the right place. World Art Day 2020: Quotes on Art to Create Awareness on the Beauty of Creative Art Forms.

World Art Day 2020 And Its History

The World Art Day 2020, like every year, would be celebrated on April 15, and it will fall on Wednesday this time around. The first observation of World Art Day took place in 2012.  

In the year 2012, a proposal was sent by several notable global artists – Bedri Baykam of Turkey, Rosa Maria Burillo Velasco of Mexico, Anne Pourny of France, Liu Dawei of China, among others – at the 17th General Assembly of the International Association of Art to celebrate April 15 as World Art Day.

The proposal was unanimously accepted by the General Assembly, and the date, i.e. April 15 was declared as World Art Day. Not many people know that April 15 was selected as it is the birthdate of Leonardo da Vinci – one of the world’s greatest artists.

World Art Day 2020 Theme 

Every year, there is a theme on which the event of World Art Day is observed. However, no official theme is declared by International Association of Art (IAA) – official partner of the UNESCO, under whose supervision and leadership, the event of World Art Day is celebrated – for the year 2020.

World Art Day Significance

The observance of World Art Day is a celebration of art and artists. Speaking about art, it is a broad spectrum of audio, visual, and imaginative works. The three main forms of art are painting, sculpture, and architecture. Other forms such as theatre, music, dance, film, literature, and interactive media are also categorised as art forms.

The celebration of World Art Day promotes the development, evolvement, and enjoyment of arts. It looks to encourage people to adopt arts and to do what they like. Art is, a lot of times, looked at as a third world, with science and commerce the other two. Children, students, and people at different levels are often discouraged from taking up arts as a subject.

The World Art Day looks to break all such notions and rather encourages people to take up arts and explain its wider scope. The IAA, in partnership with the United Nations, organise events, seminars, and workshops to promote art and its different forms. There are exhibitions, conferences, debates, and multiple cultural events that are held which aim to promote the variety of arts. 

With Coronavirus pandemic at its peak, you will have a lot of time to indulge in some of the arts by yourself, or with your family. We at LatestLY, wish you all a very Happy World Art Day, and hope you would enjoy bonding with your family by spending some time creating art.

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