Chinese New Year 2021 is around the corner. Spring Festival is celebrated with great fanfare in China. Chinese New Year, is also known as Lunar New Year. It is considered to be one of the world's most colourful festival, which lasts for 15 days. The 15-day New Year festival in China concludes with the Lantern Festival. Adorned lanterns are hung in temples during this festival. Along with this, lanterns and parades are held. Dragon Dance is worth seeing during this festival. To celebrate the new year, houses are decorated with flowers and dressed in red. However, on this day it is considered lucky to eat and gift particular fruits and flowers.

Chinese New Year begins with the first date of the first month of the calendar based on the moon. According to the Chinese zodiac, every year is associated with some animal and the year 2021 is named the Year of the Ox, while the previous year was of pig and dog. The Chinese zodiac includes 12 animals. Every year names of an animal.

Oranges: Sending Oranges brings happiness and abundance. One would see miniature oranges (they are real, and may also be Kumquat trees) in potted plants from weeks before the Spring Festival. They are very popular.

Pomelos: It is believed Pamelos brings Family Unity and Good Luck. Whether it's green or yellow (ripened), it is an important fruit. Pamelos are in season right before the new year. It is at that time that they are used in cooking. They are also said to bring good luck to the whole household.

Orchids: They bring Fertility and Abundance. Any flower market or shop will have a large number of  Orchids arranged in pots and bouquets in a large variety of colours during Chinese New Year.

Peach blossoms: They bring Prosperity and Growth in the household. These beautiful flowers are popular in decorations around this time.

Peonies: Richness and Peace.Popularly known as the 'flower of riches and honour', this flower is associated with feminine beauty, their innocence, their affection and charm. They are auspicious flowers.

Pussy Willows: They are said to bring about Growth and Prosperity in families. These beautiful flowers grow on a willow plant. They seem like silk giving out green shoots. They are said to mark coming of prosperity and growth.

Narcissus or Water Fairy Flowers:  This flower symbolizes good fortune and prosperity, and appears to be delicate. They require only a shallow dish and pebbles to grow. These beautiful flowers give out a lovely smell. They are said to be particularly auspicious in Chinese New Year.

Pomegranates:  Pomegranates are fruits that are cherished in Turkey as New Year fruit. Their colour symbolizes the human heart and represents life and fertility

Grapes: The sweet grapefruit is considered as lucky food for the New Year in countries like Cuba, Portugal and Spain.

Apples: Apple signifies Safety on the occasion of Chinese New Year It is believed by the Chinese people that by eating apples one can live a life full of peace and harmony. Chinese people also gift box of apples to their relatives and friends in order to wish them good luck and wealth for the coming year.

According to Chinese beliefs, in ancient times the Jade Emperor had ordered that animals also be part of the calendar and all animals were asked to arrive before 12 noon for its selection. During that time the rat and cat used to be good friends, when they got the news about it, they decided to go early in it. The cat asked the rat to pick him up early in the morning, but the rat forgot to lift the cat and walked alone.

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