Gudi Padwa 2020 Recipes: From Puran Poli to Aam Ras Puri, 5 Traditional Maharashtrian Delicacies to Try On This Festive Occasion
Gudi Padwa 2020 (Photo Credits: File Image)

Gudi Padwa 2020 will be celebrated on March 25 in Maharashtra and some parts of Goa. The festival marks the new year for the Maharashtrian. Gudi Padwa marks the beginning of the harvest season. The phrase 'Gudi Padwa' is coined from two words—Gudi means Brahma’s flag and Padwa is the bright phase of the moon. To make the Marathi New Year more special, we bring you a list of traditional Maharashtrian recipes from puran poli to aam ras puri that is worth trying on this festive occasion. Gudi Padwa 2020 Wishes in Marathi: WhatsApp and Hike Stickers, GIF Images, Facebook Messages, SMS to Send Greetings of Marathi New Year.

Gudi Padwa falls on the first day of the Hindu month of Chaitra, marking the beginning of the New year as per the lunisolar Hindu calendar. In Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, the festival is celebrated as Ugadi or Yugadi whereas the Sindhi community celebrates the day as Cheti Chand. Unfortunately, this year due to coronavirus outbreak the government has appealed for social distancing, therefore it is advisable to stay indoors and enjoy the festival with yummy delicacies below. Easy Rangoli Designs for Gudi Padwa 2020: Latest Colourful Patterns to Ring in the Marathi New Year (Watch Videos).

Traditional Maharashtrian Recipes For Gudi Padwa

1. Shrikhand Recipe

Shrikhand is one of the most-loved sweet dishes, which is made by using hung curd, powdered sugar and taste delicious along with puri. This sweet dish can be found in every Maharashtrian family on the occasion of Gudi Padwa.

2. Basundi

Basundi is sweetened condensed milk made by boiling milk on low heat until the milk is reduced to half. This dish is pretty popular in Western India. Happy Gudi Padwa 2020 Messages: WhatsApp Stickers, GIF Images, Facebook Greetings and SMS to Send Wishes on Marathi New Year.

3. Puran Poli Recipe

Gudi Padwa is incomplete without puran poli. This dish contains way more nutritional value than any other sweet as it has chana dal as its main ingredient, which is a good source of fibre and folate apart from Vitamins A, B and D.

4. Lapsi

Lapsi is another Maharashtrian sweet dish made during Gudi Padwa. It is prepared from broken wheat and is considered auspicious.

5. Gaathi

Gaathi is also worth a try on the occasion of Gudi Padwa. See the recipe below to enjoy this mouth-watering sweet delicacy.

After going through these recipes, you should be tempted by now to enjoy one or at least two of these in upcoming Gudi Padwa 2020. The intention behind sharing these recipes is to motivate you to make sweet dishes at home for hygiene and health purpose. Also, be sure to enjoy it in moderation and not in excess.