Florida's Everglades' region is known for harboring large python snakes. The invasive Burmese python serpent population in the area has been a problem to tackle for long. So much so, that authorities are considering to kill the pythons for their meat. Now a snake hunter from Florida implemented it already in her Christmas cookies! Python hunter Donna Kalil posted a picture on her Instagram to show off her special recipe for Christmas 2020, which involved snake eggs as the key ingredient. Some may have searched for the most unique Christmas 2020 cookies, these snake ones are clearly stand out. What a Monster! Potentially 'Largest' Burmese Python Captured by Snake Hunters in Florida Everglades, Watch Terrifying Pics and Videos.

Python hunter Donna Kalil decided to use the festive season for the food trend may catch up eventually. She has called these snakes as a great source of protein. She created holiday-friendly cookies using the "Chicken of the Glades." She told the Miami Herald, that she checks up on the mercury level of the pythons before she proceeds with the cooking. "Don’t overcook python. It’s really tricky to get it right. It takes practice," she said. Pictures of her snake cookies are shared online which will make your forget the regular butter cookies.

Check Pics of Snake Egg Christmas Cookies:


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About a month ago, there were reports of Florida's wildlife conservation commission and department of health planning to kill the invasive snakes and make them popular as meat options. And Python meat will be soon served in restaurants here once scientists give a go-ahead with the safe mark for consumption. Kalil also informed that she doesn't consume these snakes on a regular basis because of the possible contamination. But needless to say, her cookies are safe.


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