Mac ‘N’ Cheese and Soup Together? Panera Bread’s Double Bread Bowl Is Breaking The Internet
Panera Bread's double bread bowl. (Photo Credits: Pinterest,

Food lovers! What if we told you that you can enjoy soup and mac and cheese simultaneously? Hold yourself together. US-based bakery-café store Panera Bread’s latest delicacy is taking the internet by a storm because their carb-loaded Double Bread Bowl is the new viral food trend. The bizarre-looking dish is yet to be launched. The first phase of testing will happen in Philadelphia where it will be served exclusively from August 5 to August 31. Panera Bread's offerings include soups, salads, pasta, sandwiches, specialty drinks, and bakery items.

We are not kidding. Ditching their iconic bread bowl (scooped out bread filled with the customer's choice of entree)  Panera will be serving you an oblong loaf which has not one, but two cutouts. Yes, this means you can enjoy two of your favourites- like a soup and mac and cheese at the same time. And no we aren't kidding, take a look at this pictures yourself.

Panera Bread's double bread bowl. (Photo Credits: Pinterest)

Panera Bread teased all the foodies with absolutely drool-worthy pictures of the double bread bowl. Take a look:

Needless to say, the internet is already drooling over the double bread bowl, and it is legit.

Panera Bread's double bread bowl. (Photo Credits: Pinterest)

Food options like baked potato soup, chicken tortellini alfredo and their new Baja mac and cheese, which is topped with pico de gallo, avocado and cilantro can be ordered in the double bread bowl. The bakery-cafe has about 1900 outlets in 46 states in USA and 20 facilities that deliver fresh dough to the bakery-cafés every day.

Not long back, the internet was divided over mayo flavoured ice cream. Though this time most people look in favour of the double bread box and eagerly eating to finally have it on their plates.

Would you like to try the double bread bowl?