Ajwain Health Benefits: From Weight Loss to Detox, 5 Reasons Why You Should Add Carom Seeds to Your Meals Right Now!
Health benefits of ajwain (Photo Credits: Wiki)

Ajwain or carom seeds, is something we’ve all grown up eating. We all remember biting into a tiny bit of ajwain and feeling a sharp sting of flavour and spice on our tongues. Ajwain is used in Indian dishes from all parts of the country. It’s mostly used in tadka or chaunk in Indian cuisine. And it has now become a staple in our food. The plant is one of the most cultivated in Iran and India and India tops the list for production of ajwain. Not only does it add flavour, but it also brings a lot of health benefits. Health Benefits of Quinoa: Why this High-Protein Superfood is Important for Vegans & Vegetarians.

Ajwain is a part of the Apiaceae family and has many health benefits that we don’t know of. Here are five reasons why you should start adding ajwain to as many things as possible. Lychee Nutrition: 6 Health Benefits of Eating Litchis This Season.

1. Keeps Immunity Strong

Ajwain is known to have fungi and bacteria-fighting properties. That keeps frequent and small illnesses away. It can easily fight common colds and cough and keep you fit for long. If you fall sick easily, try consuming ajwain regularly.

2. Relieves Indigestion

Ajwain is known to fight indigestion. This might sound like a topic for jokes and giggles in a group of friends but is highly uncomfortable. If you’re someone who struggles with this now and then, try consuming ajwain with your meals.

3. Is a Natural Antiseptic

With its antifungal and antibacterial properties, ajwain makes for a natural antiseptic. If you have any cuts and scratches, you can trust ajwain by grinding it and making a thick paste and applying it straight on the skin. This will eliminate any chances of infections.

4. Aids Weight Loss

In a study by BioMed International, it was found that ajwain helped in weight loss. This has also been taught to us from our grandparents and parents how ajwain is good to lose weight. Try drinking a glass of ajwain water every morning to lose a few pounds. How to Use Jeera (Cumin) to Lose Weight.

5. Helps Detox

Again, the antifungal and antibacterial properties can help you more than you can ever imagine. Ajwain can be an amazing detoxing agent if you’re looking to start eating cleaner. Mix them with your food, mix them with water and drink a glass every morning or mix them in your smoothies. Ajwain in smoothies may sound a little crazy, but the tiny seeds can slip through without getting noticed.

There are a few of the benefits of ajwain. Share this with a friend who might get help through these pros of the seed.