Are You In A Sexless Marriage? Here's How to Find Out and Bring the Sexual Spark Back Into Your Bedroom
Sexless Marriage (Photo credits: PxHere)

So you and your spouse have been married for quite some time now. You share a great understanding and compatibility, but there is one little problem: you no longer get cosy with each other in bed. Maybe it's been a while that you last had sex or you can't recall when you did it the last time. Sure the honeymoon phase is over, but does that mean you are in a sexless marriage?  If you have started to wonder you have turned into those old-timey sitcom couples who complain of lack of sex, you have come to the right place. Here's how to know if your marriage is legit sexless and how to turn up the heat again.

How to Say If You Are In a Sexless Marriage?

If you haven't had sex in a while, you must be wondering you have entered a new room where sex is off the table. But the term 'sexless' is very subjective. While you might consider 'sex' once a year sexless, for others, the definition of sexless could be having intercourse just once a month. It is the interpretation of what sexless means to you. If you are in a sex rut, it is only a static state, and it happens in nearly all relationships. Your sex life will return. Is Your Relationship In Trouble? 8 Subtle Signs That Your Partner Is Taking You For Granted

What Should You Do Reignite The Flame?

If you have established that you are in a sexless marriage, you might be wondering what should be your next step. How can you spice up things again? The best way to start enjoying it all over again is trying something new in the bedroom. 6 Things You Experience When Everyone Around You is Getting Married and How to Deal With Them

Bring in some novelty into your actions. Like every other thing in life, it is only natural to get bored of sex when you do the same over and over again. So make a bucket list of things you want to try together. Make a list of what you are willing to work and then ask your partner to add more to the list. It could be something as wild as BDSM or something as simple as using a blindfold; it does not take much to get back into the swing of things. Getting Back With Your Ex? Here’s How to Make Your Relationship Work the Second Time

When Should You Be Worried?

You should be concerned if you try spicing things up but your partner does not act on it. The moment you start feeling defeated, understand that something is seriously amiss. It is best that you seek guidance from a professional sex therapist if you feel pressured in anyway. It always helps to talk it out and figure out a game plan than to wait around and hope things will get back to square one.

In the end, remember that no amount of sex is the right amount of sex. You should consider whatever feels good to you and your partner rather than comparing your sex life with your peers.