With the arrival of summers, the need for refreshing beverages has arisen. Right from cold coffee, iced tea to a simple lemonade, there are high demands of these drinks in this weather. Chikoo milkshake is one drink which can play a good role to beat the summer heat. Chikoo, often referred to as chiku or sapota, is a favourite fruit amongst Indians. The Spanish brought this fruit to India in the late nineteenth century. Let's take a look at why you should have chikoo milkshake in summers for overall good health. Khus Sharbat Health Benefits: From Strong Immune System to Smooth Blood Circulation, Here Are Five Reasons Why You Should Have This Summer Retreat.

Chikoo is loaded with vital nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B, phosphorous, iron to name a few, that can improve your health. Apart from that, sapota comes along with fibres and antioxidants which can ensure smooth functioning of different system in the body. Chikoo can be blended into milk or yoghurt or smoothie. Many people also prepare kulfi, halwa or kheer from chikooKokum Sharbat Health Benefits: From Weight Loss to Smooth Digestion, Here Are Five Reasons Why You Should Have This Soothing Summer Drink.

Why Chikoo Milkshake is Healthy Drink For Summer? 

Chikoo or chiku milkshake can freshen up your soul in summers with its unmatched flavour. It can work wonders on your digestive tract by curing problems like indigestion, acidity, etc. The presence of dietary fibres makes sapota laxative, which can even fix the constipation problem. Also, this milkshake will enrich your body with vitamin A and vitamin C, which can improve eye health and immune system respectively. Chikoo shake might work to rid your body of water retention. This regularises metabolism and can aid in weight loss.

Healthy Chikoo Milkshake Recipe 

Chikoo milkshake can also help eliminate toxins from the body and contribute to the improvement of skin and hair. Also, chikoo can treat anaemia as it is rich in iron. However, note that you should not drink chiku milkshake in excess as it is high in calories, which can cause weight gain.

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