Childhood Abuse Can Lead to E-Cigarette Use During Young Adulthood: Study
e-cigarette ( Representational Image/ Picture credit: Flickr)

Washington DC, May 9: Young adults who experienced maltreatment as children are more prone to use e-cigarettes, researchers have claimed. In a study conducted on 208 individuals aged between 18-21 years, childhood maltreatment was related to negative urgency or the tendency to act rashly when distressed. This, in turn, was associated with higher use of e-cigarettes.

According to the study published in the Journal of American Journal on Addictions Keywords, the impulsive nature of negative urgency may link childhood maltreatment to e-cigarette use as children get older. E-Cigarettes and Flavoured Hookah: Commerce Ministry Asks Health Ministry to Frame Law to Ban Manufacture and Sale in India.

"Many young adults who have experienced abuse or neglect in their childhood struggle with substance abuse. Our study looked at e-cigarette use specifically and found that an individual's childhood maltreatment experiences might play a role in their use of e-cigarettes during their transition to adulthood," said lead author Dr Sunny H. Shin.